• Magnificent Entertainer gets lost in the Wayward Cave. Watch here as he stumbles around like a goofball.
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  • Since I won't be online tomorrow, I'll say it now - Merry Christmas! uwu Or, if you don't celebrate it, then happy holidays.
    Ah :\ . Just get through it, even if it means just trying to ignore your feelings. Living is important. I hope school goes well for you. I'd normally be on break, but I'm in summer school. I'm probably going to see Monsters University tomorrow.
    That's good, then. I'm doing well, although I'm slightly paranoid from these Slendy series I've been watching XD . You ever watched Marble Hornets, EverymanHYBRID, TribeTwelve, DarkHarvest00, or MLAndersen0?
    Hi, it's nice to here from you again. I'm so sorry :( . That sucks. Take it easy then, and I hope you feel better.
    Oh, I have a few more weeks ta go. Awe, sorry about that. Yeah, I have a lot of tests and a big presentation this week.
    Thanks. It's a reference ta the possibly going-to-be new character on ZeXal. Hopefully he's not terrible :p . Awesome!
    I'm not a great critic, since I rate stuff based on my enjoyment of it rather than quality, but I enjoyed watching it a lot. It was neat, and it brought back lots of good memories from reading the books so long ago. How did you like it?
    I know. I'm still starstruck. Richard said me name in his ZIM voice :') . I got me picture with Hipster Slender at the con. Have fun dying :p .
    He is! Will do.

    I met the voices of ZIM and GIR today :'D . I chatted with them, and got souvenirs, like the water bottle Richard drank from ;-; . Ra, it was the best thing ever.
    Hi! I'm going ta Comicon today :D ! I made one a while back for the purpose of hacking ReshiramDragonofTruth's account and making her join XD . We could revive this: Friends and enemies of Slender.... - Bulbagarden Forums

    XD . One time playing the beta I turned around and Slendy was so close all I could see were his legs. I fell off my bed XD .
    Oh, I enjoy research on cool stuff, like cards. It probably will be a while before I decide. I wanna get an awesome deck >:D !
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