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  • Yeah, I just checked yours. Come on line right now, maybe we just werent on at the same time... Trust me, it wouldnt be the first time xD
    Ok do we have our names and friend codes right?
    For you I put
    Code: For some reason my DS won't let me see ur code
    Hey there, do you mind if the starters I give you are not in their base forms? If it's a problem, I can just breed up a batch
    The Torchic's great, but really, but you can just trade me whatever for the other two--you can even catch two Bidoofs or something and we'll call it even--the Torchic's what's important =)
    I can get you a Torchic, at the moment I only just got Treecko's egg from the Day Care and I'm gonna put Mudkip in my game with Pal Park. How about I trade you a Heracross and a Phanphy and when I get the two other starters, you can trade me back Phanphy and Heracross for them?
    We were gonna do Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip. I actually don't need a Treecko or Mudkip now, so if you have Chikorita or Totodile, I would happily take those. If not, then I'm okay with just another Treecko and Mudkip.
    Sure. I just gotta hatch this egg real quick and I'll be right in. My friend code is 1419 5115 2650, name is Hrafn.
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