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  • Because PokeSav'd Pokemon don't sell. It's as simple as that. There's such a stigma these days about hacking or obtaining hacks, most of it baseless I might add, that most people avoid them like the plague.

    And yet, clones are different. Just look around the Trading Station. For the most part, people are perfectly happy accepting clones, so long as they're of legitimate Pokemon. They're willing to accept these because they know that they're exactly the same as the original Pokemon, and will only cause them any grief if the original itself was hacked.

    Plus, you're completely ignoring all of the positive aspects of cloning. If it weren't for Cloners, Event Pokemon, particularly Fateful Encounter Pokemon that activate special functions in Pt and HG/SS, wouldn't be nearly as widespread or easy to obtain. Thanks to cloning, pretty much anyone able to WiFi trade can enjoy all of the bonus functions available in these games.
    I saw your comments about AR clones in the GTS thread. I take particular exception to that, as I used to run one of those shops. While it's true that an AR is a cheating device, calling AR clones hacks, and putting them on the same level as WonderTombs and what not is simply misleading.

    AR clones are merely copies of the original Pokemon. They're no more hacks than any clone generated by "legitimate" means, like manipulating errors in the game's save mechanisms, such as with BF Cloning in Emerald and GTS Cloning in Diamond and Pearl.
    Frankly.. Faiz looks really lame from the view of Decade.. (=_=') I hated it as much as Hibiki (OMG!).. Lolx.. Double's theory is kinda like Den-O.. Just that it's more modern, using pen-drives.. XD
    Lolx.. By "try too hard" means they got better plot right? XD Since you are quite updated, you should watch Double.. It's not bad as well..
    Is it? I don't really want to get too addict to these stuff.. Others will say I am "childish" and stuff.. Just Den-O, Decade, and Double.. How about you?
    Yeah. A friend gave me a few episodes, but I never got that into it. I'm actually trying to watch the current American adaption on the CW. It's going interesting so far, I like the surrealism and casting, but sometimes I think all the attitude may be a tad exaggerated.
    That is indeed true. And I see that you just joined. Welcome Caspian!

    Judging by the hint of enthusiasm, I'm guessing you're just as much of a fan too?
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