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  • Long time no speak :O Oh, and thanks :3
    How ya been Zeb?
    Hey! I'm alright, how about you? Been a reeeeeal long time this time haha
    ok i wanted a flawless Jap ditto so bad im searching thru month old forums. can you tell me how you got a FOREIGN flawless ditto? and is it UT?
    Hey, CO, I have a question about shiny captures.

    I've found a seed I want, and it's frame 1 with nearest shiny 258. However, when I'm trying to calculate my starting frame so I can hit the shiny, I keep getting a level 21 Venipede (slot 7) with the right IVs (so it's my starting frame) it has a Hardy nature, ability 1, Female. According to RNG Reporter, with this Venipede my starting frame is in the 1000s? :s Is there any way I can change/lower this so that I can hit my shiny frame?
    Ah, I see! Thanks for that.

    I remember Rev saying that using a Chatot can advance frames, how does that work? (I've just managed to get hold of one). :p
    My starting frame isn't the same in every place, though? In Chargestone Cave it was 52, and in Lostlorn Forest it was 68.

    Does it change everytime I enter places? Or is it set via my game? I'm confused.
    I did it. :p

    Jolly | Poison Point

    Now, I seem to have that mastered. How do I do captures on routes with NPCs?
    I just edited my post. I read the ability wrong. D: I'm an idiot.

    It has Infiltrator, not Prankster. So that's ability 1. The nearest to frame 50 is frame 68. Is that good or bad, then?

    I want Venipede, which is slot 5 or 7. So the nearest to that would be Frame 76. So I set the date + time, hit it right. Get in-game, run for 128 steps, then I save 8 times + Sweet Scent?
    Seed: 189FAECB4C4CF6BF
    I caught a Jolly (same as my synch) Cottonee, Female, level 20 with Prankster (so ability 0, if you go by Serebii) with the right IVs.

    So, I'm looking for Jolly, encounter frame 2, ability 0. I can't find it near to 50 (Rev said they're always around 50).

    I can't find it on RNG reporter to find my starting frame? There was a shaking spot/puddle in the water, did that advance the PID?

    EDIT: NEVERMIND, I read the ability wrong on my game. I'm such an idiot D: It's on frame 68, though... Hmmm.
    Alright, thanks!

    Oh, do shaking spots mess up the PID at all? So if I see one, should I restart all over?
    Where do you find the ability PID-thing? Is it on smogon?

    I acutally just caught my Ferroseed. I couldn't work out my starting frame, but it turns out it was 52. And the Ferroseed was on 61, so I managed to do it.
    I'm going to go try to do another PIDRNG, so I'll let you know if I have any problems with that. :p Sorry for being a pain.
    No worries. :p

    Do you have any time now to teach me about/how to PIDRNG? Rev had to go, and I'm pretty certain I'm doing it wrong, because I can never catch one anything that matches with RNGreporters' frames/encounter slots. :/

    Edit: I just caught a Brave Klink, with Plus. Is Plus ability 1 or 0?

    I need to match it up to find my starting frame... :/
    Naive | 31/30/30/31/31/31 | HP Ice 70

    Timid | 31/30/30/31/31/31 | HP Ice 70

    I finally did it. :D
    Hey, I need helo with the RNG reporter.

    I've got my parameter, then clicked to use it in Time Finder. Then, I've set everything as it should be: the IV spread I want, the method, stationary, entered everything the guide I'm reading says to enter. Then I click generate... no results. Nothing. So I change the month to a different one... no results. Nothing. You see where this is going? I'm not able to generate a seed/frame-thing so I know what time/date I need to enter to hit it. :/ :(

    I have no idea what's wrong :/
    You wouldn't need to beat White to do Rufflet--you could just breed it on Black, couldn't you? :]

    Oh, so, do you usually go to the VGC, then?

    If there's any egg moves you need for this stuff people will use at the VGC let me know and I'll breed them and get them to you a.s.a.p. :]
    Alright. I didn't want yo give you something that would be hard to do, but it looks like I did. Sorry about that.

    I'll have a think and see if there's anything I'd like breeding, then. There probably will be, because I find it hard to breed Hidden Powers, so I'm sure I'll find something I need :p
    Okay, I'll try that.
    And I just got an amazing Virizion, Timid, 30/30/30/31/31/31 (Ice 70)
    It was already on a starting PID Frame of Timid, so I didn't need to advance it. :)
    Hey, could you help with my ID/SID Abuse on my White, I can't seem to hit my seed, and I'm kinda confused about what to do when you say no to Professor Juniper about your name. ;s
    Btw, awesome thread, looks like you get a lot of trades. :)
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