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  • Haha. I love that look too. I'm still hoping that Dawn wins though so that Pachi will finally have a battle to be proud of. I think Dawn'll lose her next one.
    Thats good itll be fun talking to you again. Ive gotten my name known around here while you were gone .
    Mine would have to be light all my friends at school call me kira but L would be my second favorite but Its amazing how he survives on just eating sweets.
    I know i saw the 1st one and it was cool and the complete manga set is already out!
    You're having trouble finding eps on youtube? That Tenahaichi person, isn't he/she still uploading them? Except under the name Toritodon now?
    Lol.Same here. I'm glad it evolves. It took a while. I don't think it'll be used in the next gym, but we'll have to wait and see.
    Really? *scratches head* I don't remember. All I do remember about her in that episode it getting blasted off by Chimchar..
    Yea, I believe that's what the pun is based on. I agree that it's one of the better titles we've had in a while as well.

    EDIT: Oh, by the way kudos to you for figuring out the pun. I knew the title sounded good and like something I had heard before but I coudn't think of what.=P
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