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  • But on competitive battles, it's useless. It really needs EQ, Brick Break, Aqua Tail, the elemental fangs, and Dragon Pulse to be decent.
    Hello, Serperior lacks EQ, which is a huge disadvantage. Even Arbok and Seviper know EQ, yet Serperior doesn't. Also, Rock Smash and Aer*** Ace aren't good moves for it due to how weak they are.
    Uh no, Venusaur, Sceptile, and Torterra have the best movepools out of all the grass starters. Serperior has the worst of the five for a severe lack of type coverage and no way to abuse its DW ability after using Leaf Storm.
    I did, and it was pretty amusing for a fluff. I sort of imagined Giovanni sitting there reading a newspaper while all the craziness went on around him.
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