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  • Kaito has No 46, so even if they decide to make C107 ridiculously uber, they can always make a C46 to kick things off :))
    What I don't like with Mizael is how he never finishes Duels, to the point that we don't even know the effects of his ace monster :))
    My mind was blown by how good it was! I like stuff that can be really sad, but overall uplifting. They're awesome! I really admire Mami's kindness and leadership. Sayaka's a amazing and relatable character too, as she wanted more than anything to help others, and after facing the despair it brought her, she eventually learned how to just be happy for them. It's so hard for me to pick a favorite, but I think it's ended up being Homura, after I learned her story. Even though it hurt her to the point of going numb inside, she never gave up and continued to fight to save Madoka.

    Awesome! Same. On RAWs too? Cool! I can see why you like them. I can't wait for more episodes.
    Hello, nice to meet you. We ZEXAL fans must gather together to combat the haters better :))

    Favourite character? I don't have one out of all. I like Yuma, Kaito, III, Tron and Durbe a lot.
    Don't like Vector, 96, Heartland and Shark (esp. after the Nasch incident, not only is he a Barian, he doesn't realize it at all!)
    Hey :D !! It's teh best!! You too?! Awesome, it's great ta see more fans! Yuma's my favorite fictional character of all times :3 ! Astral's my second. How about you? Also, how caught up are you on it?

    I see you like Madoka Magica too :D !! That's one of my favorite shows!
    Here. If you haven't read it yet you should, it's an official story bundled with dr2 that focuses on an alternate timeline in which everyone survives. It focuses on Mukuro a lot ^^
    I read dangan ronpa IF yesterday and now Mukuro is my favourite character too. ^^ Well, together with Kirigiri :p
    uh, i dont think i did get your message, sorry. must have been a ghost ask or something, idk. do you want to try sending it again or sending me a pm or something??
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