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  • Hey, you're on this forum too? (assuming that you're the same person on serebii? If not, please ignore me for being completely derp XD)
    You're very welcome =) I wish I had the talent to draw something like that.

    This may be hard to believe, but so am I (I know, I keep it so well hidden.) I'm tempted to rename my Infernape 'Rafiki' (Right now it's 'Monk,' because he's a monkey and reminds me of a badass warrior monk.)
    I see you're a multishipper and Luxray fan too? (While it may not be my favorite, I do like lions. Also because this picture is full of win)
    I get pretty weary whenever we get a regular thunderstorm... because the radar where I live can't pick up rotation, so the best we got is just sightings on the ground. :3 I'm screwed... maybe.
    Counting funnel clouds that didn't even touch the ground, I've seen about 6 or 7... within a span of 9-10 years. And I don't even live in Tornado Alley either. I don't mind seeing them, just as long as they don't kick my ass or somethin'.
    Okay, cool.

    Yeah, see you around the forums!

    And like I said, I will try to answer any questions you have!
    Hey, and welcome!

    is your birthday really april 1st? My brother's really is too, and no one believes him, Lol.

    But anyways, if you have any questions you can ask me!
    Oh, and if you just want to talk or want a friend!
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