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Recent content by Catzeye

  1. C

    Which Hoenn starter will you choose?

    I'm going for Mudkip again like I did in Emerald. Mudkip is just awesome!
  2. C

    Greninja or Mega: place your bets!

    I voted for both. I REALLY want to see Ash with a Greninja. I also want him to be able to use a mega evolution (it's not like he doesn't deserve it). I would prefer they use Sceptile as the mega Pokemon. It promotes ORAS and it's not Charizard (I love Charizard but let's give him a rest). But...
  3. C

    News Pokémon: The Origin!

    Same here. It would be nice to see ALL the game protagonists in anime form. The male protagonists tend to get the shaft in the anime thanks to Ash taking over their roles and as of Unova the female protagonists got the same treatment. If the Pokemon Origins series does well, then they might show...
  4. C

    Mega Evolution

    Re: Mega Evolution Discussion This is probably their idea. Think about it. We're getting close to having nearly 1000 Pokemon. As we gain more Pokemon some of the older ones are bound to get left behind (we saw this in Gen 4 and Gen 5). This is a way of keeping them relevant without having to...
  5. C

    Mega Evolution

    Re: Mega Evolution Discussion There probably will be some limitations. Since it seems like that "Mega evolutions" can be activated through items, it makes me think that the only way those forms work are through the use of an item. That means no focus sash or life orb use on Pokemon who...
  6. C

    What's your favorite Opening? (English)

    My favorites are 1. The first Pokemon theme 2. Pokemon World 3. Battle Frontier I chose the Battle frontier because while it's short it has a lot of meaning in it.
  7. C

    Nintendo Direct coming 7th August 2013

    If I had to guess, it's because CoroCoro will be coming out in a few days with "the scoop of the century". So there most likely will be a lot of information in that issue. And whatever is in that issue will the be localized for the rest of the world a day or two afterwards. So I guess they...
  8. C

    Team Flare

    I definitely agree that the Team Plasma arc was epic, however that awesomeness could have been spread throughout the series. Instead of having a short little arc they could have had Team Plasma appear earlier in the series. What I liked about Team Galactic was the fact that they were shown...
  9. C

    Could Ash's Charizard or Infernape beat Tobias's Latios or Darkrai?

    Same here. Swellow is one of his better Pokemon. But I could definitely see Charizard doing well against Latios and defeating it. Infernape would be a good match against Darkrai but I think it was probably still worn out from its battle with Paul.
  10. C

    Pokemon X&Y: The Friend Dynamic?

    I think they will all fight you, just some more than others. 1. Calem/Serena- they'll fight you the most since they occupy the traditional rival spot 2. Shauna- She's trying to figure what she wants to do with her life. She'll probably battle you to see if she'll be a good Trainer. 3. Tierno-...
  11. C

    Who would you pick as your girlfriend/boyfriend?

    Calem definitely. I think he looks adorable and I bet he has a sexy French accent.
  12. C

    Team Flare Discussion/Speculation

    This post of a translated piece from a Flare Grunt seems to indicate that Team Flare (or at the very least the grunts) may be concerned more with instant gratification than trying to create a long term goal involving legendaries and region domination. People who are concerned with instant...
  13. C

    What do you want in Gen 6?

    Even if we don't battle the person, it's still nice to get some recognition. Maybe instead of battling they might give us a rare and useful item for being champion. Maybe in another town someone recognizes you goes fanboy/fangirl on you. If someone does want challenge you for the championship...
  14. C

    Trainer Customization

    I would love to see some of the outfits of the NPC trainer classes. And of course they should definitely have some legacy outfits and hairstyles. I really want to see some more hairstyles. They should have mohawks, afros, really long hair, bob cuts, pigtails, and even an option to be bald!
  15. C

    Trainer Customization

    I hope the girls get actual pants too. I'm a girl and I do not walk around in skirts and shorts all the times. I hope GameFreak will put in outfits that aren't just traditional girl clothes. A T-shirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of sneakers would be nice.