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Last Activity:
Dec 14, 2017 at 1:54 AM
Oct 27, 2014
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Jan 10, 1998 (Age: 19)
NSW, Australia
Artist (Hobbyist, Self-Taught)


The Guardian of Pinwheel Forest, 19, from NSW, Australia

Cephei was last seen:
Dec 14, 2017 at 1:54 AM
    1. KenzeyEevee
      How are you?;)
      1. Cephei
        I'm good thanks :) How are you going?
        May 2, 2016
      2. KenzeyEevee
        I am doing great! What are you hobbies?:)
        May 2, 2016
    2. TheCapsFan
      Hello, you look familiar, but I can't put my finger on who you are. Did you used to go by a different name?
    3. SobriquetP
      Happy Birthday!
      (Also might I add that you have an awesome Birthday. =D )
      1. Cephei likes this.
      2. Cephei
        Thank you so much! And yeah, it was a pretty awesome birthday. I went out do dinner with some friends and family. It was great :D
        Jan 11, 2016
    4. Chibster
      Hello! :D Glad to see another Pokemon plush/Pokedoll collector on here!
      1. Cephei likes this.
    5. Firox Foxy
      Firox Foxy
      Thanks - seems following/making friends is a bit easier than the previous forum version.
      1. Cephei
        No problem!
        Yeah I agree, I had no clue how to follow users on the old forums.
        Dec 8, 2015
      2. Firox Foxy
        Firox Foxy
        Too late to demonstrate now. How the new forums been for you? just read above, do you like collecting plushies? - since I do.
        Dec 8, 2015
    6. Slife
      Cool username :D
      1. Cephei likes this.
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  • About

    Jan 10, 1998 (Age: 19)
    NSW, Australia
    Artist (Hobbyist, Self-Taught)
    Favorite Generation:
    Generation III (Game Boy Advance)
    Favorite Pokémon:
    Favorite Pokémon Type:
    Favorite Region:
    Unova / Isshu
    Favorite Gym Badge:
    Sootopolis City Rain Badge
    PokéCommunity username:
    Previous Usernames: Lupus Dei, Shushupu, GlitchedNightmare, Birijion, Virizyth.

    My name is Issy, and I'm a fairly average -tomboyish- girl from Australia who loves Pokemon, drawing, anything paranormal-related, listening to music, and watching movies.

    Things I'm a fan of include: Pokemon (obviously), Game of Thrones, Attack on Titan, Disney, Owls of Ga'Hoole, and any sort of animation (anime, cartoons, 3d animation, etc.).

    As far as Pokemon goes, I've been a fan ever since I got Pokemon Sapphire. So obviously I'm a huge Gen 3 fan, but I'm also a Gen 5 fangirl as well.
    My absolute favourite Pokemon are, in order:
    ~Virizion [​IMG]
    ~Jolteon [​IMG]
    ~Black Kyurem[​IMG]

    I like Salazzle, Lopunny, Kartana, Empoleon, Breloom, Shaymin, Giratina, Venusaur, Chesnaught, Glaceon, Tyranitar, Ninetales, Milotic, Aggron, Krookodile, Wailord, and Dragonair as well. In other words I have a LOT of favourites. Haha

    Random Pokémon-related junk:

    Favourite Types: Fairy, Fighting, Steel, Fire, Electric, Ice
    Least-Favourite Types: Dark, Ghost, Bug, Rock
    Favourite Region/s: Hoenn and Unova
    Least-Favourite Region/s: Kalos
    Favourite Game/s: RSE, B&W and BW2
    Least-Favourite Game/s: XY and USUM (not bad, but way too similar to Sun&Moon)

    Random non-Pokémon-related junk:

    - Agnostic (not athiest, since I don't disprove the idea of a God)
    - Introvert
    - Redhead (and proud!)
    - Loves cats
    - Right-leaning Centrist

    Interests: Paranormal stuff (ghosts, aliens/UFOs, Cryptozoology, etc), mysteries (mysterious disappearances/murders, conspiracy theories, etc), Steampunk/Dieselpunk/Atompunk, retro things, Heavy Metal (Folk Metal, Doom Metal Stoner/Sludge Metal, Thrash Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Non-satanic and ambient Black Metal, Power Metal (although I'm much more picky with it than I'm with other subgenres)), Rock (especially classic Rock, Grunge, Prog Rock, and 80s hard Rock), Electro Swing, Synthwave, dragons, ancient history, mythical creatures, strange sea creatures, space.

    Likes: Everything in my 'interests' category, Tigers, Hyenas, Deer, Cats (both big and small), Genets, plushies, animal figurines, berries, dragonfruit, storms, rain, overcast days, seafood, printed T-Shirts, long drives, Vanilla Coke, antique/classic cars, old houses.
    Dislikes: Spiders, needles, hospitals, medical shows (seeing a pattern here?), animal cruelty, zoos that don't give the animals room to run around and be more free, poachers, Australian Greens Party, most Australian news/talk shows (Sunrise, The Project, etc. They are all incredibly biased when it comes to politics, and are just annoying in general), Tumblr, that weird Tumblr-y artstyle that seems to be really popular at the moment, hipster culture, most Emo and Pop Punk/Pop Rock bands, Nu-Metal, 99.9% of Rap and Hip Hop, Country music, most Metalcore, avocado (ewww...), overly preachy movies/tv/books/etc (especially if it's trying to preach certain political or religious ideologies. Bleh), dust.

    Favourite Music Artists-
    Metal: Powerwolf, Equilibrium, Slayer, Sabaton, Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath
    Rock: Pink Floyd, Queen, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Evanescence, Rush
    Synthwave: Waveshaper, Mitch Murder, Dance with the Dead
    Electro Swing: Caravan Palace, Parov Stelar, Swingrowers
    EDM/Electronic: Avicii, Skrux, Porter Robinson, Emancipator
    Other Genres: ABBA, Of Monsters and Men, Simon and Garfunkel, Bastille

    Favourite Movies: Wreck It Ralph, Kill Bill Vol.1 & 2, The Lion King, The Neverending Story, Zootopia, Pacific Rim.

    Favourite YouTubers: Filthy Frank, Ashens, Top5s, Pyrocynical, Sargon of Akkad, idubbbzTV, Mr.Nightmare, The Boo Review
    Other sites I'm on: Pokecharms (username: EtherealHaze. Inactive, though I've kept my old artworks up for people to browse through)

    Virizion, Jon Snow (GoT), Tyrion Lannister (GoT), Annie Leonhart (Attack on Titan), Lopunnite, Intriguing Stone, Blaze Kick, Trico (The Last Guardian), Jet the Hawk (Sonic), Hau, Volkner, Siebold
    Powerwolf - We Drink Your Blood
    Sabaton - The Price Of A Mile
    Skrux (ft. Complexion) - Believe Me
    Linked Horizon - Guren No Yumiya
    Mitch Murder - Enter The Fury


    Claims list has been moved to my profile.