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Recent content by Champion Red

  1. Champion Red

    GO Did you expect Pokemon GO to be as successful as it is?

    Honestly I was worried I was too hyped for Pokemon GO, I didn't want to be disappointed by my high expectations. But this game is incredible, I just really hope content comes out regularly enough to keep people interested.
  2. Champion Red

    Sun and Moon Contest #2 - The Evil Team

    Team Eclipse Goal: To use the power of Solgaleo/Lunaala to suspend the world in permanent day/night. Alternatively could be split into two teams just like Aqua and Magma.
  3. Champion Red

    Would You Want Old Games on eShop?

    Hype! Not sure whether to buy Red or Yellow yet, didn't Yellow fix the Mew glitch?
  4. Champion Red

    Awesome Spinoffs That Will Never Happen

    -A Gen VI Pokemon Stadium that allows you to customize your character and battle trainers from all the games. Could be called Pokemon World Tournament (based on the B2W2 thing) -Pokemon Snap sequel/remake for the Wii U. This would be amazing, especially if it had some sort of connectivity...
  5. Champion Red

    Which game/region was/is your favorite?

    Kanto is my favorite region, but ORAS is definitely my favorite game.
  6. Champion Red

    Pokémon you rather not evolve

    I never evolve Pikachu, except for certain exceptions for special Pokemon (for example a Purrloin based off of one of my real life cats) I evolve them all.
  7. Champion Red

    What Pokémon Are You? - An Exhaustive Gen 1 Pokéquiz

    I legitimately got Pikachu O.o Was not expecting to actually get one of my favorites out of the 151.
  8. Champion Red

    What's Your Favorite Pokemon Region?

    Kanto, definitely. Partially because of nostalgia, but I like its layout, and a lot of its background and lore.
  9. Champion Red

    Your Canon Games?

    Everything is canon now, but in my opinion the main games are: FireRed and Omega Ruby HeartGold and Platinum Black and Black II Y Of course, if Z is released that will replace Y, and future Gen I, Gen II, Gen IV and Gen V remakes will replace those games, since ORAS and XY are their own...
  10. Champion Red

    Pokemon E3 2015 Discussion/Speculation

    Well, that was... disappointing, although expected. Actually most of Nintendo's announcements felt lackluster.
  11. Champion Red

    Pokemon E3 2015 Discussion/Speculation

    What I expect will be announced: Some Super Mystery Dungeon news, maybe something about Pokken, possibly but unlikely some news about Pokemon amiibos (if anything probably just the Mewtwo amiibo), and the most unlikely, Pokemon X2Y2/Z What I wish was announced: Pokemon Snap U, <Insert Stadium...
  12. Champion Red

    Speculation Pokémon Remix for Wii U

    Very unlikely. Ideally it would be awesome though. If they did make it, it would be with Wii U HD graphics, otherwise it would take way too much work to do both. Plus it would be its own unique game rather then just all 6 regions on one game.
  13. Champion Red

    Pokémon Headcanons

    My mistake :P
  14. Champion Red

    Pokémon Headcanons

    This is already a 21 page thread http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/f323/what-your-game-headcanons-149450/
  15. Champion Red

    What career would you like to have if you were in the Pokemon world?

    If it wasn't commonplace to become a trainer (like I'd LOVE to do), then I'd probably either research Pokemon in the deep sea, or work in a lab researching extinct Pokemon.