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  • I didn't expect you to show after the forum software change! But hi again. :p
    Sorry for the late reply I got distracted by things and things. ^~^;

    But yea I get that a lot, plus most of the females in my family are 5 '5 " or so. x) In that case, I'll take your advice and move to some place like New York where I can get taxis or walk. :p

    I've heard it's a lot like Freedom Wars, so I might pick it up. :p Bayonetta basically has you go against big bosses, then bigger bosses. But a majority of it relies on combos, and weapons you equip and the like. Or you can play on the easier modes and hack and slash your way through it. xD
    Sounds like a fair deal to me. xD

    It looks suave! Though hell for a car like that, it's too small for me (I'm a giant for a girl, I'm 5' 9"). xD I'm getting myself an SUV one day, eventually. And I hear that most trucks, and big cars can be. :/

    Oh so there's no actual leveling involved? Not even bad I say! It can be yea, but I didn't have anyone else to play with and figured I'd just sell it. In my family I'm the only one with a 3DS to boot and when I played online it lagged for days. And yea I saw him, not a bad addition to the game really. Though I was hoping for Bayonetta just because I adore her. xD

    Yooo thank you. <3
    Nah. There's a good chance my replies will be slower. xD

    I don't envy you, dang. o.o Being a full time adult is hard. But oooh what kind of car is it?

    Well I will say I like the MH4U weapons, so I get an idea why it's addicting. xD Thing that kinda sucks is that I sold my smash, I dunno why but it's not as fun on handheld for me?? Like I'd prefer the Wii U version so I can play with my bro. And nah I'm good, I'm good! I used a lot of super glue. xD

    Oh I know, I've got the mouth of a sailor in person myself.
    The road ahead is still long huh? :p I know that feel all too well! Though my online classes are fast paced, and if I screw up and miss one assignment my grade suffers. So I'm not that responsible as I probably should be. But my readings are boring as hell so I'm lazy often.

    Well slower than usual! :p But yes giveaways! everyone loves a good giveaway. :3c I actually might try Monster Hunter honestly. I hear it's similar to God Eater, and Freedom Wars controls wise. Pffft hell I can appreciate the feedback tho! My 3DS's hinge cracked like a month ago and I'm keeping it together with super glue, so before it cracked and fails completely on me I wanted a new system.

    You can swear here, just don't direct it towards anyone. xD
    Last I remember you've been working at a Walmart?? So I assume work, and school kept you busy?

    Pfff wanna enjoy yourself eh? xD I don't get that joy with online classes, man I envy you!

    Oh not much. Trade's been kinda slow, so I'm happy to see an old face! And ngl, I don't pay much attention to other sections so you may need to find out the rest yourself. xD But how's the new 3DS? Worth the money?
    YOOOO!!! Never thought I see you again! xD And nah I take it as a good excuse honestly. I've been lazy myself.

    And fine, fine. Just working on my classes, and your typical day to day stuff. How have you been doing?

    I don't even remember myself, but it looks like it yea. xD
    This time I was just being lazy aha. But hola amigo! How has your week been?

    And again I'm lazy, I usually don't do my homework assignments until the day it's due. More deadlines for school would make me cry.

    I was too lazy to learn how to RNG that's why it wasn't nice. </3

    I expected more ghetto slang and whatnot! :p

    Very weird, why are you checking my grammar? </3 :p

    And good luck trying to remember what we we're talking about. :D <3
    ...did I do that? *whistles* no no I meant forever young like erm...*insert some person's name here*. :p

    I'm fully of it sadly. But you sir speeding!? I'm not shocked lolol. I say it with luv tho! But man you should be careful~!

    I can switch up various accents apparently, and act a part if I want to. I think drama club back from highschool did this to me maybe, but I can get into the swing of things easily aha. Meh my school has extra FREE lessons, but I cringe at the thought of more work so I don't sign up for them when they're offered aha. #truelaziness

    Admittedly it's how I did my breeding last gen, but gen 5 was cruel to those who didn't RNG. </3 And yes, I remember doing a tradeback with someone who used pokecheck because I tried trading off the caterpie and didn't know it was hacked. I don't mind hacked things honestly, but I like knowing in advance. :T

    No no I said nothing! :p Me neither, I found out watching a wifi battle on youtube. And the only thing I don't do is locations, I don't like going out of my way for that. xD

    My imagination does horrible things, so are you sure? :p
    I can't help but picture you as the old man in the karate kid now aha. Or maybe a professor like Birch, but more memorable. :')

    I need to actually sit down and watch still....eventually.

    If he stays back another year imma just laugh, cause I'm a great sister like that. :} I still can't figure out line art, and can't find a tutorial on photoshop cc anywhere. So same! Plus the pen tool is a biiiiiiitch.

    I used it for parents back in gen 5 since I didn't RNG. :p Though I also used it to check things after someone handed me a hacked Caterpie of all things. :T

    Well I already had parents set aside, cause users here spoil me aha. And I also bred Tropius (nest ball) with dragon dance, and leaf blade. So get back on track man and join me! Though will say I picked up the pokeball habit from other breeders here.

    Aye why do you do that to me! It makes me curious. <////3
    Mah bad mah bad! I was close enough tho! xD

    15th time? Damn. xD

    Same here. My dad just coddles him now so he doesn't even try to improve his grades. And I use photoshop primarily for class so that's why I have it, but I don't know how to use it fully yet. There's too many damn tools. xD

    To me it just feels cheap keeping things from Pokecheck. :T

    I bred Cherubi (Love Ball), Misdreavus (Dream Ball), and Poliwag (Friend Ball) last night myself. :p

    And nope never. :p But I get the idea now, no wonder its easier.
    Nah, I'm fine with you teaching me little things since you've been at this since gen II was it? :p

    Funny thing is I learned this from a science teacher back in highschool. From what I know there's some chemicals or science stuff too? Though my memory is incredibly foggy considering this was like 5 years ago. x)

    I don't I managed 3/4 A's so far in my classes. :p The only one that gave me a B+ was math, in which I managed a 90%. I'm a fantastic student! Unlike my bro who brought home 3 F's and gets a Xbox One. xD But I really am enjoying this drawing class so far, at the end of it I might just blog all I drew for it. And on another plus side for this class I bought a portable scanner so I can work on old drawings in photoshop.

    I can relate to that. Ahaha.

    That's what I planned on doing since I rather keep what I breed anyways. (I like when the OT says "Dolce" and I can nickname things as well.)

    Then you need to step up your game man!

    Rom? It's fine talking about it, but not specifying where you can find it and or providing download links. That's what against the rules. And you can RNG on those? o.o
    That's true! You should hear me teach people about IVs and EVs and all the ingame tricks or what Pokemon I plan on breeding. xD

    That's a good movie, I can't deny that. x) And the only thing I know about fight club is that we dont talk about fight club. But hell I'll check em both out when I'm bored at home which is often. xD;

    It's lengthy, so definitely worth the money at the very least. xD And I trust your word on that then! x)

    On my homework? But that's so much trouble! I'll share what I think is noteworthy though if I feel like it. :p

    Eh I'm told my sarcasm can be hurtful to some oversensitive people. So see, we be good buds. xD

    Aye aye I got you. And .....I can't be arsed, I know it's easy but at the same time its soooo tiring with there being 700+ pokemon. If honest I have half a mind of downloading what I cant get on my own off pokecheck just to save myself some time. But argh I'm jelly!

    Hmmm Skiddo, Inkay, Hawlucha maybe? Tho gotta say keeping it Kalos exlusive is hard when there aren't many Kalos mons. :p
    I think anyone who's talkative is afflicted by this curse sadly. x)

    I never heard of it at all. xD Though my mom was the kind of person who bought all the JLO movies cause she was her fave actress, and Tyrese Gibson movies cause he was one of many husbands. So I doubt it would have been something I'd ever get the chance to see with her movie repertoire.

    It's a JRPG that's a FF spinoff of sorts, really in terms of items, armor, abilities it's really similar. The game on it's own though is lengthy and has a great story imo. Here's the IGN link if you want to check it out: Bravely Default - Nintendo 3DS - IGN . And I don't doubt that! I prob need something fruity.

    I have no idea, it's just supposed to capture the general movement and shape so I kinda just went all over the place. xD

    It's true though! I'm told I can get along with anyone though so it never mattered to me. xD

    Turns out I got nada anyways. xD Though why do you want 999 Charcoals and etc? :p Also.....does this have a pokedex code by chance?

    Like what?
    You write too much man. :p

    And damn google failed me, but from what I see he's fancy as hell. So yes. (I'm clueless. :D)

    Bravely Default and drawing class stole my attention away for awhile. I can't help it. </3 Any drinks you recommend? I can drink legally now starting on the 16th! (jk I actually don't like most drinks. :P)

    Yes. xD I can appreciate good art. And I can relate, unless you actively store your work its so easy to misplace things. Here's what I did myself this week, one contour drawing, and 3 gesture drawings. He also had me draw a potrait but it's so bad no one will ever see it. >.>

    Pfff it's alright, if you asked me the same I would say I have no friends irl. :p No worries about being sentimental!

    .....Imma get myself one, cause this is just way too handy to pass up. And off the top of my head I know where I can get a Lansat berry, but I'll need to check if I have any of those items later. :p
    It's okay! I'd bet you'd come back as a ghost anyways. :D Hell, at the rate I'm going I'll be a vampire myself! And no not the sparkly kind. Cause I can't be arsed to get glitter.

    Something tells me it's bad that I forgot why I asked for the link to you IG in the first place, but tell me anyways? xD; Will say you have lots of selfies, and drinks tho. :p

    And those aren't too shabby actually. Your good bud. xD

    You make yourself sound like you have no friends. :0

    Wait....there's cloning codes? And if I got one I'd only use it for all the megastones, and cloning honestly. I don't want Diancie or the chance of messing up my X as well.
    Heh I gave you an idea. xD But some cases do work, just don't go TOO crazy now. :p Yeah it's not too bad, I just find the amount of refills insane. xD

    I won't question it. x)

    And sure why not? It's something, and art always interests me. And no worries then, I won't make you get anything if you feel lazy. xD They're a good 3-4 years old before I stopped drawing, I had a hard time keeping up the drawing after I left highschool. But my drawing class will kick my ass into gear I bet. >~>

    My friend caught me one cause I couldn't find one on my first X play through, and I used it to beat the E4. And she just gained levels like crazy honestly. And really that cheap? Not too shabby!

    Ohh lucky you, getting to kick back and relax. xD
    Okay that's the first time I've actually heard of a kid being named after an anime character. I'mma name my first daughter Roselia for the lulz then (I kid ofc). And they actually have me taking vitamin D pills once a week. And I have 11 refills for the prescription so I'm going to be on these for a year that's how low the vitamin d levels in my blood are apparently so just getting some sun won't help. Aside from that......fuck dat it's cold! D:

    Well I'm an odd hispanic for one, but I ain't mexican so from my knowledge maybe you are the only mexican here. :p

    Aww the mere fact you draw has me intrigued though I like seeing what my friends can do! And I was gonna say I haven't drawn in years myself but my next class is drawing. So just take these drawing here and imagine them 30x worse.

    Lucky me I have a Dedenne I trained to 100 who happens to have pick up. :p But yeah I gotcha I mean mega stones are another thing as well, with having some exclusives in one version and etc. Only reason this makes me complain though is because I don't want to saw off my arm for one. Though cloning in XY via power save would be nice too.

    I like pretty much anything myself, so if you feel like sharing music feel free to. If anything I just hate screaming in songs, or anything that would make my ears bleed. :p
    Don't do that to your kid, use it as a middle name at least. Unless you give him a sword so he can be a badass then maybe it'll work for a first name and he won't be teased. xD But wow your lucky when I'm sick I stay sick for 3 weeks, and heck...I'm actually on medication now for vitamin D (from lack of sunlight) of all things. So there's always something up with me.

    Your lucky I'm not one of those Hispanic women who like to gossip. :p But true, you do know your stuff so I definitely give you that. x)

    Okay that works for me eitherway!

    Oh you draw? Now I'm actually interested in what you can do on paper. xD And it does look nice, I mean GSC was a good gen overall the colors flowed nicely really and some Pokemon had great sprites. And art is fun! Go all out! >:]

    Just state in thread/post how said item was obtained so the users you trade with know where it comes from. That's all really, we're not strict with it. I want one myself in all honesty too. xD

    Edit: My music tastes are everywhere honestly. But he's got a very good voice gotta say no wonder you have it on repeat. o.o
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