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  • Hey, chaos_Leader! I was one of the judges for ASOTTC and I should have your review in soon. I remember reading it (over a year ago?) for the Boreas/Jolteon Crossover Battle and I can definitely tell that your story improved even from then!
    Been meaning to let you know for a while, but reading A Sine of Things to Come is still on my to-do list. Luckily I'm only 3 chapters behind so the chances of me getting to it within a decent time frame is relatively high.
    Thanks for the heads up. I've got SP on my list to finish up, just need to carve out some time in this shippy schedule to do it.
    Seems we're both just busy, busy. :p But I'll look forward to your comments, as always. I can say that I've never looked forward to writing something as much as I am the sequel thanks to all the criticism I've gotten and considered on here for SP.
    Sounds horrible xD

    Oh right, how's shipwork going? and I still gotta do the list of the chapters Reggie appears in -w- he pretty much appears in every chapter
    Just finished beta-ing Mewtwo v Jal'tai. Good job on that!

    I'll do my best to keep up with the thread.
    Well... we're technically done now, but we still need a backup since the fifth slot that got voted through looks iffy in practice, permission-wise. So if you want to give general commentary on what you'd like to see in the last slot (strong trainer v. strong trainer, dragon v. dragon... whatever else we're considering) that would be good. You don't actually have to have read both (or either) of the stories you're voting for if the concept is interesting.
    Alright. Speaking of that, at least one of that story's characters is idly being considered, so you could at least give feedback on whether anyone in that particular story is worth using again (sans Alaska, who probably won't be used again for some time).
    Thanks for the feedback on 8ES: was really great to get detailed and constructive comments from someone new :)
    Btw I finished SYR and will be starting the third academy fic soon :eek: I was wondering if you still wanted to get notified.
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