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  • Let's see. You definitely understood the importance (or benefit at least) of setting up hazards early on. They can be crucial for the endgame, especially for an offensive team, which you seemed to have there. I could see the VGC side of you from your use of ferrothorn and ninetales. Do you use Ninetales' drought in any other way than just a stand-alone, for ninetailes itself? One key thing about Singles is the ability to make good switches and likewise be able to predict them. For that you usually want reliable Pokemon to switch into when you face a counter. For instance, instead of switching into lucario and taking a drain punch against medicham you could have switched into Mr. Mime or even Ferrothorn to at least take a hit and then decide your next move. But getting the hand of switches just comes from practice and heck even I need to improve on that :p Also, I personally prefer bullet punch over fake out for medicham. Fake out isn't all that necessary in Singles. Overall I thought it was a fine battle, and you very nearly won xD
    Ah I was wondering why you used fake out. Anyway Good Game. Unfortunately I have to count that as a win for me, but feel free to ask for a rematch! :)
    Well, just remember that even if you win with a team under 6, I don't think we can give you the win.
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