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  • Well I already have 3 cages at home, so definitely no room at the moment. xD; And that's awesome! Only thing that might ever prevent me from getting a rat though is my boyfriend, though I'm sure I could convince him with time. And that's cool I never owned any reptiles myself, since I always assumed keeping a good environment for them was too much work.
    Aww. That's sad, I've heard rats could be trained and are intelligent pets so I've always wanted one. But I have 2 hamsters and a rabbit. xD
    Yup. I want to get another one to try and rehabilitate my demented Furby:sweatlol:. It's white with black spots and amber eyes, and it's named Windy (short for Windigo).
    Congratulations! That'll be cool. I'm sure you wouldn't keep more than you could take care of. They are hard to resist, though.
    That's good. I don't have much experience with reptiles, I've just only met a Leopard one before. I'm sure they're both cool.
    Awe, that's nice of you to make sure he's not lonely. Geckos are cool, especially Leopard Geckos.
    I'm sorry:-(. Losing pets is the hardest thing. They're more important to me than siblings.
    Nice! The daughter of my mom's friend left some of her stuff in a box to give away, so I got to look through it and found a First Generation Furby. The nice thing about it's that it's broken so instead of saying annoying things it makes cool robot noises:lol:.
    Thanks. It was great. I got some awesome stuff like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon cards (one was a Reshiram), and a flipping...Furby:sweatlol:. How was yours?
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