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  • Good thing about Wobbuffet and Mime Jr. i guess is that they weren't released so there always exists chance to see them again. With released pokemon chances are much lower unfortunately.

    Yeah i get feeling we will get some great arc out of it redeeming at least a bit for pretty poor writing of Bw series. Though i think Team Galactic in DP was handled pretty well as well.

    Yeah that's true, though those flashbacks could technically be foreshadowing to Brock future cameo and he never got that "obligatory regional cameo"once character leave cast.
    About Misty ill be honest. I had some hopes in case expansion of world tournament happens since she is in new games, and going on journey to enter such competitions and learn new things would be logical step forward helping her advance water master career. But i guess that ship sailed away and its sad to see writers abandoning many great characters from past leaving them unfinished instead of investing long term in them. I believe such move would help increase already staggered ratings. Bw series in first half of 2012 had lowest ratings in pokemon history and im not surprised why.

    Aww so you like Christmas period a lot too? Hehe great minds think alike. Glad to hear your relatives are coming to visit, i know how it is when you see someone only few times per year due to long distance. Especially if your in good relationship with them. I just love that "magical atmosphere" being time of joy and giving, and when whole family gathers together it really does help warm up atmosphere.
    Hehe i can understand reason behind that. Charbok is how Arbok voices, one of iconic TR pokemon in earlier days. :p I wish we could see him and Weezing for old time sake at least once more, oh well.

    Yeah i figured N arc might interest you. Especially if they stay faithful to game plot of freeing pokemon from being in humans possession. Im not N biggest fan, but i do think hes one of more interesting villains having pretty ravishing backstory. I admit im hoping that we see some of older faces in filler arc as well like Brock, or maybe even Misty (though it seems writers sadly abandoned her :(.

    Anyway in other news are you excited about holidays and Christmas? Over here i can already feel spirit of holidays and family reunions. Dunno but it seems this is possibly my favorite time of year. :D
    Is that you Jeshi? I thought you were gone forever lol. But im glad to see that you just changed username.

    My God its been millennium last time we talked. So tell me how your doing? Was life propitious in positive sense on you lately?
    Due to there being two fanclubs for Dento/Cilan, the Cilan/Dento Fan Club and ~The Dent(o)/Cilan Fan Club~, they will be merged together in the latter.


    The Bulbagarden Staff

    Also, nice profile pic. xD
    (I read that as 'trips' and thought of 4Chan) That would explain why Burgundy looks so young in her flashback, yet Cilan looks the same.
    Watch it turn out to be her mother way back when. We don't know how old Harley is, after all. He would be 100 and look young because be's powered by fabulousness.
    And threatening little girls over cookies. :p I loved that about him, how petty he was. He is an awesome rival.
    Nevermind the cross-dressing, or the fact that he had a copy of May's wardrobe on hand.
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