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  • Sure! Sounds good to me! Maybe Master Mew can rejoin us as well :)
    We might even get some new rpers.
    Are we expected to use the same characters as before?
    You don't necessarily have to use a water type. The example team in the article consisted of Ninetails/Forretress/Sawsbuck/Volcarona/Venusaur/Darmanitan. Something similar to that should work.

    If you do want to use a water type, however, you can use Gastrodon. It is immune to water and it can help check some rain abusers.
    Yeah, but it can be used for finding good defensive synergy for non-offensive teams as well. Not all teams utilize multiple sweepers and lure strategies. The example I gave you applies mostly to regular offense.
    Beldum Laboratories has a good tool for finding positive defensive synergy between Pokemon. Just enter a Pokemon and a tier and the tool will generate a list of compatible teammates.

    Offensive synergy is a little more complicated. Ideally, you want to find a way lure out and eliminate a sweeper's counters so that it can sweep. For example, my tutor, Seven Deadly Sins, uses Excadrill and offensive SD Gliscor as sweepers in one of his teams. He partnered them with a Trick + Iron Ball Metagross to lure out things like Skarmory and defensive Gliscor and cripple them so that his two main sweepers have a greater chance to break through the opponent's team.
    Hey, I should have one, but I can't check my game right now. Is there any certain gender or nature you want?
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