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    MUSIC: Pokemon the Series: XY Season 3 Dub Opening

    Not sure how I feel about this one as I'm still having a hard time trying to understand how this fits with Pokémon. Despite this being very premature, I'd thought that Ed Goldfarb and Ben Dixon would be a staple after their work on the 17th and 18th openings, but it is good to see TPCi open the...
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    REVIEW: PK27: Pikachu and the Pokémon Music Squad

    I found the dub of this short to be pretty harmless. Like many, I'm surprised that TPCi decided to dub this in the first place. It was actually nice to watch the dub with actual background silence for a change. The ending theme "Join the Band" is quite catchy and I think that Haven Paschall has...
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    REVIEW: M18: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages

    After dragging myself out of bed at 9:00am, I watched the movie when it aired on CITV in the UK, last Saturday. The movie is now available to watch for 30 Days on the ITV Player though it may not be available on the Panasonic "Freetime" version of the ITV Player on their Smart TV range like my...
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    Fairy Tail (manga and anime)

    Here are my thoughts on the Fairy Tail Anime so far. I hope that you're in for a good read! I'm somewhat of a late adopter of the Fairy Tail series. After enjoying the first four episodes on Funimations YouTube Channel (the rest were region blocked), I started following the anime in the summer...
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    SDI Media Pokemon PAL UK Europe Edits

    "One for the Goomy" was read by "Bonnie" in this regions version of Pokemon XY on CITV today however the title card focused on Ash where as in Japan it focused on Dedenne and in the US it focused on Bonnie so this episode has three different title card variations depending on which part of the...
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    REVIEW: S18 EP14: The Future Is Now, Thanks to Determination!

    The dub has been throwing allot of curve balls in XY recently, firstly giving Dunsparce an English voice in XY 59 and now giving Luxray a new voice actor. In this case Clemont's Luxray is listed as being voiced by Billy Bob Thompson where as the species was previously voiced by Sarah Natochenny...
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    SDI Media Pokemon PAL UK Europe Edits

    This has been the subject for discussion various times but I feel that this is significant enough to create a thread about this as this took me by complete surprise. As some of you may know that since Pokémon Black & White, SDI Media has been distributing Pokémon for TPCi in Europe, including...
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    REVIEW: M17: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction

    Just seen this Movie on CITV in the UK this morning, for anyone who has missed the movie, it will be repeated at 1:30 pm this coming Monday, starting with the previously internet only prologue. This will tie in to the première of Season 18 which will air later the same day at 5:00 pm. Both are...
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    Next dub opening?

    Pokemon used to air on Kids WB in the US which I don't think implied such a time limit for opening sequences but by the time Season 8 had finished and 4Kids lost their license to Pokemon, WB dropped Pokemon from their line up so Cartoon Network made a bid for broadcast rights (which they...
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    Next dub opening?

    Normally, I would wait until the latest movie to give my thoughts on the dubs opening themes since they are usually presented in full if they are used but here are my initial thoughts. At the time when we didn't know whether or not we would have a new theme for Season 18, my expectations were...
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    Coolest Pokemon cries?

    I like how Mamoswine, Stoutland and Bouffalant sound like real world animals and that Skuntank is just someone letting out a massive fart.
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    Next dub opening?

    In past topics, I've been very "instrumental" (no pun intended) about the topic of the dub's music and how the theme tunes should be in particular. If they are sticking to "The Series XY" motif and are dispensing with individual season names per generation then I believe that they'll stick with...
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    NEWS: CITV (UK) to air Pokemon Advanced after 11 Years!

    Hi all, wasn't sure where to post this but just to let you know that after a gap of 11 years (yes it's been that long) CITV in the UK have obtained the rights to air Pokémon Advanced from 12th January 2015. The show will replace the slot that is currently occupied by Pokémon The Series XY during...
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    The Region 1 Pokemon DVDs are terrible and yet nobody cares

    Wow it's been a long time since I've last commented on the forums but I haven't felt the need to recently, especially now because I have a job, my free time is now not as big as it used to be. The DVD situation is admittedly a shambles especially in the UK (Region 2 & Region B) where releases...
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    REVIEW: S17 EP07: Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race!

    I was rather annoyed that Laverre and Snowbelle City were replaced, hopefully they'll make their debut in the dub as I particularly like these covers though I'm not holding my breath. In fact I am already loving XY's RAW Soundtrack as a whole so far, its definitely the most natural score that...