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Recent content by Charmelizard

  1. C

    Your most recent watched Pokemon episode

    I just got the Sun & Moon DVD and watched Alola, Kanto! That said, I also watched about half of The March of the Exeggutor Squad on Netflix.
  2. C

    Battle Frontier Complete Collection

    View: https://www.amazon.com/Pokemon-Battle-Frontier-Complete-Collection/dp/B07J34K4GD/ref=sr_1_2?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1539305904&sr=1-2&keywords=pokemon&refinements=p_n_date%3A2693529011 Viz is committed to releasing the show, gotta give them that.
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    If you could nominate another companion to return in Sun and Moon..

    I'm split between Serena and Tracey. Serena because I really like her and Ash together. Tracey because we haven't seen him in so long, and because of the (admittedly slim) chance that Ted Lewis could return to voice him in the dub, considering he is voicing Giovanni again.
  4. C

    Pokémon movie marathon to air on Disney XD: To begin January 1

    It's a shame that 4-7 won't air during the marathon. Regardless of the legal issues, Disney XD did air them a few years ago, so technically they could be included on Disney's end.
  5. C

    4Ever taken off Google and iTunes

    I just noticed this today. While browsing iTunes, I noticed that M04, which was the only Miramax-distributed film to be released digitally for the twentieth anniversary, is currently not available for rent or purchase on Google Play or iTunes. It is still available on Amazon, however. I have...
  6. C

    Do you have any unpopular opinions about the anime?

    I'm not opposed to the new characters replacing Brock and Misty in Movie 20.
  7. C

    What Did You Think About CN's Treatment Of Pokemon?

    I'm more appreciative of sister network Boomerang than I am of Cartoon Network, since they made a decent effort to rerun the older episodes. The thing is, when I tuned into the premiere of Battle Frontier back in 2006, it took me a minute to realize the cast change. When I did, I wasn't happy...
  8. C

    News "Pokémon: The First Movie" returns to select US theaters

    I'll be honest, I saw some Instagram pictures and videos taken by people in the theaters, and judging by the, maybe, five or so seconds of Pikachu's Vacation that were captured, the footage at least has brighter colors and retyped credits. From what I understand, the short was always in 4:3, so...
  9. C

    News "Pokémon: The First Movie" returns to select US theaters

    Thanks for the info. That Q&A sounds amazing. I never would have known that Veronica never saw the movie in its entirety before last night. The details about the presentation are, again, much appreciated. I hope TPCi, at the very least, puts Pikachu's Vacation on the website to stream. Same with...
  10. C

    News "Pokémon: The First Movie" returns to select US theaters

    Can anyone who sees this tell me the technical details? Is MSB the same master as the Blu-ray transfer (with no opening credits)? Is Pikachu's Vacation remastered? Are there any logos before or after? Did Mewtwo's Origin appear (long shot, I know)? Thanks.
  11. C

    Master Quest DVD This September!

    Not to bump an old thread, but this DVD was supposed to be released today. Take one look on Amazon and this set is only available from third party sellers...
  12. C

    Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Movie 4-Pack Blu-ray

    Hulu for me. I might get this set, though. I don't appreciate that they're skipping over movies 8 and 9 (4-7 I understand), but the fact that this set exists does indicate that the 1-3 steelbook sold well.
  13. C

    Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Movie 4-Pack Blu-ray

    It seems Viz is preparing a Blu-ray set of the Diamond and Pearl movies. No other info is known, with only the following links serving as proof: Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl Movie 4-pack Blu-ray View...
  14. C

    Commentary included with the movies

    Same deal. Haigney and Grossfeld were in the commentary for The First Movie.