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Recent content by chickenperson52

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    Potential News Dates (Comments May Contain Spoilers!)

    2 Wednesdays left until release! I'm guessing Halloween trailer tomorrow, final trailer on the 13th.
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    Leak Repository Thread (WARNING: Huge spoilers!)

    Do you have a source for this? My understanding was that you'll just be able to buy the regular NSO subscription from inside the game.
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    Non-Story Pokémon SwSh Datamine Thread (SPOILER WARNING, It's Finally Here!)

    I actually agree that having starter evolutions and maybe some basic info (how many new pokemon there are, etc) would be good to have separately, for people who want to go in mostly blind. As far as I can tell starter evos are the one thing most people who want to go in relatively blind still...
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    Pool - Will you buy any version of Sword and Shield?

    I went ahead and pre-ordered shield. In the past I've always bought both games, but I've decided to hold off on Sword until I've played Shield. Especially because it's possible we'll be able to have multiple save files with multiple profiles.
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    Leak Repository Thread (WARNING: Huge spoilers!)

    I would assume that in Max Raid battles, Gmax-capable Pokemon will be gmaxed instead of dynamaxed during the battle. So it'll be easy to tell.
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    Leak Repository Thread (WARNING: Huge spoilers!)

    If anything it looks like cloyster to me
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    Potential News Dates (Comments May Contain Spoilers!)

    I don't think that Game Freak is really worried about convincing fans upset about dexit to buy the games.
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    Gyms Speculation Thread

    Per the podcast GameInformer posted, it seems that what was meant was "out of the 18 possible types of gyms, sword and shield will have different types in their 8 gyms."
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    Potential News Dates (Comments May Contain Spoilers!)

    There's going to be a Game Freak Direct for their 30th anniversary on 10/16,apparently. Most likely it'll just be Town stuff, since that's when Town is releasing, but maybe they'll show off some Pokemon stuff too.
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    Trainer/Player Character Customization Discussion

    I hope we have access to all the outfits different trainer classes wear! I want to be an Ace Trainer.
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    Gyms Speculation Thread

    I think the 8th gym is, that brown building in front of the fountain in the northernmost city. It's got some kind of symbol above the door.
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    If you could pick five old Pokémon for the Galar Pokédex...

    Gible Shroomish Drilbur Zubat Starly (or Fletchling) Not sure if we'll get Zubat (since it's already been in every game so far) or Gible (because I don't think they'll include every pseudo) but I have hope for the other three.
  13. C

    Box legendaries?

    I'm still hoping for Zacien to be pure Water and Zamazenta to be pure Fire. I don't think we've ever had those types in a set of box legends, and I feel like we have too many Steel type legendary Pokémon.
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    Potential News Dates (Comments May Contain Spoilers!)

    Seems the demo is going to playable in Spain this month. My bet is they won't announce Yamper and Impidimp until they're done showing off the demo. Maybe early August they'll do another trailer and reveal it then.
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    Official Pokémon Sword and Shield speculation thread (Updated June 5th, 2019)

    For me I feel like it's one thing to lock new features and a few Pokemon to a third version. But for them to wait until a third version to give us access to all 809 is so much worse. They'd be asking us to pay another 60 for the game, plus Pokémon Home, just to use Pokémon we already have. It'd...