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  • Man, as someone who still openly resents the Pokemon anime to this day, people's burning hatred of Goh here (to the point there's a freaking PSA, even) still spectacles me to the point I almost forgot Journeys has been around for over a year.

    ...and before you ask, I don't care about Goh; at best I'm disappointed he wasn't a genderqueer person like early news had claimed.
    I'm bizzarely in agreement that some of the hate Goh recieves is way over the top, as someone who doesn't like him and would take the position that he's a Gary Stu any time of the day...

    It's not as bad on Bulbagarden as it is in other places, though. I wouldn't say calling him a Stu is nessecarily hatefull, either. Can't speak for everyone, but at least to me a character can have that label and still be good.
    Oh, this whole Roro-chan debacle is really worrying me!
    How do I go on with this thought stuck in my head?
    Chidamari Sketch
    Chidamari Sketch
    Okay, look... All you really need to do is restrain yourself from getting yourself into controversies, alright? I know how it feels to be entrapped within debate, and it is indeed stressful. The least you could do is just leave whatever you've got yourself into and just deal with it.
    Man, as much as I enjoy Gen 8 for what it is; a small part of me wish it ends soon enough.

    There's just so much overbearing cynicism thrown all over the place for various reasons; even well into BDSP's announcement, that I sincerely feel that the Pokemon fandom is worse than the Sonic fandom, now.
    Yep, there's tons of people that say that BDSP are bad, when we only have one trailer, which only shows the artstyle. I've seen many people looking at every single bad thing they can find in both LA and BDSP while ignoring all of the good things. GF gives you both the remake you wanted and the Pokemon BOTW you wanted, and you still complain? I'm not saying GF can't be critisisced, let's make that clear, but you have to keep your pessimism at bay. Sorry for the rant.
    Why aren't pessimistic views allowed? If people feel like the remake isn't going on the good path, they have every right to voice their concern about it.

    For a forum that likes to preach that every stance is fine, it should there is a bunch of people that seemingly don't like people being negative. Positive and negative come with the same package.
    The problem is that we only have one trailer, and people say that the remake will be bad, with the only thing to back it up the artstyle, which is subjetive. If we were closer to release then there would be no problem. It's just too early to deem the remakes bad or good.
    Well... If the 16 Personalities quiz is any indication: I'm a "Logician"

    I initially wasn't too keen on the basic definition... but... it frankly actually does resonate with me almost photogenically, now that I've took a closer read.

    Honestly, the only thing that I'd sorta disagree on is 'enthusiasm.'

    Something I'm interested in, for once.

    I wanna see my baby, Dracovish.
    Never thought I'd see you in the anime&manga section. It's me, LazySpy, if you remember me, I just renamed myself for a while. :bulbaWave:

    How have you been doin'? And what are your thoughts on the Pokemon anime?
    Chidamari Sketch
    Chidamari Sketch
    I'm aware.

    I guess my mood's been... okay. Idk.

    To be honest, I really don't like the anime nor do I watch it. I was initially interested in Journeys back when news outlets and/or early translations called Goh a non-binary kid; but that turned out to be a mistranslation of 'androgynous' :/

    I was just commenting because I've been waiting for the moment my favorite Gen 8 Pokemon debuts in the anime.
    Glad to hear it's fine. It's ok on my end too

    I'm not a huge fan of the anime, either, its story and characters don't really interest me and writing quallity keeps jumping around. I mostly watch it for this community.

    I don't like Dracovish too much, but to each their own, I suppose.
    Things that I'm thankful for:

    A charming transgirl and my entire friendship with her. ^w^
    A certain, charming species of flatfish and a certain species of ambiguously extraterrestrial goblins.
    My self-affirmation of being aromantic; and being fully certain that I don't want to raise a child.
    Hololive; for giving me a new 'anime' thing to obsess with: Virtual YouTubers.
    At least putting an effort to branch out beyond Nintendo video games.
    A fledging interest in hunting Shiny Pokemon
    The fact that I've practically boycotted Facebook in light of the wackos and karens in there; granted there's Twitter, but that's for fanart or stupid meme shit.
    The aforementioned experiences with the above transgender girl, who manages to erect more emotional depth from me than any other individual in my life.
    The ability to be masked and have it not be weird.
    My new Kirby and Pokemon plushies.
    Gem demons.
    A new dinosaur simulator where I managed to turn a 'lowest rank' dinosaur into a fearsome glass cannon.
    Self-pride over being bisexual.
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