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Recent content by Chidamari Sketch

  1. Chidamari Sketch

    Nickname the user above you.

    Meticulous Authoritarian of the Hereafter.
  2. Chidamari Sketch

    Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

    I really don't have anything to say about NFE/Middle-stage Starter Pokemon; and this lizard's no exception. It just exists to evolve into one of my most hated Pokemon of all time and that's it, I guess. Tyrantrum
  3. Chidamari Sketch

    The One Above You - what does their Avatar tell you about them?

    ^ regularly undergoes medicinal leeching through using a lamprey as a substitute.
  4. Chidamari Sketch

    What does ^'s signature tell you about them?

    ^ likes utilizing Pokecharms' iconic Trainer Card generator.
  5. Chidamari Sketch

    Post cool art of your favorite Pokemon!

  6. Chidamari Sketch

    Do you even know what the above avatar is?

    Re-L Mayer
  7. Chidamari Sketch

    Which starter are you going to pick?

    I'm really not sure here. The one I'm most feeling atm is Cyndaquil, but at the same time Rowlet was the one starter I never chose during Gen 7's tenure.
  8. Chidamari Sketch

    Random Images Remastered (v4)

  9. Chidamari Sketch

    First thing that comes to mind when thinking of the User above

    The Legend of Spyro
  10. Chidamari Sketch

    What Pokémon would the characters have?

    Using something like Pyroar and Luxray would be a tad too predictable, so I'm going with Mightyena. That's... arguably also pretty predictable since hyenas are Scar's minions; but Scar probably would prefer a second-in-command that would stay loyal to his cause out of recognizing power than...
  11. Chidamari Sketch

    What Pokémon would the characters have?

    Apparently he's the kind of character who behaves as if he knows it all but ultimately is a neurotic fool who crumbles once things don't go as he wishes.... Golisopod? Kuro (Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro)
  12. Chidamari Sketch

    Nickname the user above you.

    Hyperborean Antarcticite Imperial Liege.
  13. Chidamari Sketch

    Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

    It's... basically just cannon-fodder for Team Aqua and Magma and nothing more. There's really nothing I could say about an early Route Pokemon like Poochyena; other than I guess the fact that it sorta represents how people misconstrue hyenas as canines when they're overall closer to felines...
  14. Chidamari Sketch

    The Avatar above embarks on a Pokemon Journey...

    Starmie Gothitelle Dusknoir Chimecho Jirachi Beheeyem
  15. Chidamari Sketch

    Guess what the next user likes

    I'm relatively okay with the wallet I have, I guess. Committing sins.