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    Pokemon Conquest Discussion Thread

    Re: "Pokémon x Nobunaga's Ambition" - New Pokemon Game Announced for DS - NEW PICS! I personally find this game to be very interesting, and something much different than the typical Pokemon games. Also it gives a much more "mature" vibe to me to be honest. While reading the various comments...
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    Rate the Avatar Above You [v2]

    8.5/10 ...interesting.
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    Ash's strongest Water type?

    Squirtle...it may not be a blastoise; however, we have all seen what this tiny turtle Pokemon is capable of doing. If it can fly while performing a hydo pump, then we indeed have a winner. :P
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    Saudi Arabia beheads woman convicted of 'sorcery'

    This is just horrible. It's as though we have returned back in time with the killing of those implied to be witches or in possessing of magical powers. I don't how severe this case is; however, this is just wrong. Sometimes, I just never understand how we as humans work...
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    Worst way to faint

    Ugh, flinching and sudden critical hits always happen to my team. I really do dislike it whenever that happens as it always gave me a false hope that my Pokemon would be able to win against its opponent.
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    VG Weekly Poll #15 Favourite Legendary Trio?

    The beast trio always looked the coolest and best to me.
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    VG Weekly Poll #16 Favourite Early Bird

    I was always fond of Pidgey and its family, and since I did grow up with these Pokemon it is perhaps one of my more favourite flying types. Hoothoot/Noctowl would come as a close second as I did always like their design).
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    Why do people always say Elesa is hard in BW?

    I'm pretty sure that it was the volt switches of the Emolgas and sudden appearance of Zebstrika (with its power and speed) that annoyed and gave most players a hard time. All 3 starters were not too effective in this match as well (water was at a disadvantage while the grass and fire/fighting...
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    in HG/Gold, when your Togepi hatched, did you go back to prof. Elm immediatly?

    Very rarely did I ever go immediately back to Prof. Elm to show him Togepi after it hatched. However, once I cleared the Sudowoodo path, I sometimes took the iniative to go show him it. Otherwise, I would go to him once I received the HM move Fly.
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    Did you ever cry in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games?

    I never cried over a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game; however, I will admit that the storylines of these games were quite saddening at times (especially the ending of PMD2).
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    LT Weekly Poll #11 Favourite Kanto Gym Design?

    Brock's gym! :D Nice and simple. It was probably the nostalgic look of the gym that made me like it so much.
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    LT Weekly Poll #9 Best Hoenn Starter?

    Even before Mudkip got popular with that meme, I had always liked the mud fish Pokemon and its design. It really did look unique when I first saw it (and still is!).
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    LT Weekly Poll #1 Are the original 151 the best?

    There is always a special place in my heart for the first genearation Pokemon. Perhaps because they are ones I grew up with? While I do personally prefer the entire cast of the first generation Pokemon compared to the other generations, I still like many of the Pokemon from the later generations...
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    LT Weekly Poll #10 Slot Machines or Voltorb Flip?

    I highly agree with this. I never understood why Gamefreak removed this feature (I mean there was a reason for the slots). Anyways, my answer would probably be the slots. Don't get me wrong, I like Voltorb Flip; however, it does tend to get frustrating at times and there are times when I just...
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    Why do so many people hate gen III?

    I'm assuming it had to do something with the fact that the time the gen III games came out, a majority of the children who had played the first two generations had grown out of it. Pokemon decreased in popularity upon the ending of the second generation (once Crystal came out), and I expect that...