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  • Long time no see, how have you been?

    Sorry for forgetting your birthday, but until now i didn't even know when you had it and i was sick for last few days not being much in here.

    Excited about Charizard return and N arc?
    And PRECISELY, about Silver. The thing that'll trigger the rivalry is Silver happening to overhear Paul bitching about his dad, and Silver will be super-pissed because his dad is GIOVANNI of all people so he'll feel like Paul's a spoiled brat by comparison and be determined to put him in his place. XD And Silver naturally will have Paul/Ash's level of experience as a trainer so he'll easily qualify to be a contender for the BF. Out of spite Silver will strive to beat Brandon before Paul can (Paul's canon request to rematch Brandon in Snowpoint City will be denied in the story until Paul goes through the BF proper), and pretty much humiliate Paul at every opportunity. The tables really will be turned for Paul, effectively becoming the "Ash" of the rivalry. XD

    I'll let you know for sure about the sister fic! Still need to find a name for it...
    Yeah, I thought it'd be a cool idea to give major quests to each member of the trio, so that way no one really comes off as a third wheel/sidekick/sentient wallpaper, even though Paul is still the star of the show. :p With Conway being a proper rival to Dawn, I imagine that will make her a lot more interesting in the long run. As per Coordinator tradition I'm sure Conway will have contest rivals other than Dawn as well, but I haven't decided yet who they will be (since unfortunately I can't use May and her rivals since they've done Kanto already, and I refuse to use Nando or Kenny because they're boring, and Zoey's a Top Coordinator now so I imagine she'll be moving on to bigger and better things... that does leave Ursula open at least...). And I agree with you about Barry; even though by the timeskipped epilogue of the story he'll have taken Palmer's place as the Tower Tycoon, present-day Barry simply lacks the experience and accomplishments to warrant him trying a BF anytime soon. He's pretty shallow so I can picture him being really wishy-washy about what path he wants to take. A conflict~! To aim to be a Champion like his idol Paul, or to follow in his beloved daddy's footsteps? Oh the dilemma!
    It's always nice to have someone praise me for the length of my stories rather than complain about them. XD I'm sure I've driven lots of people away from the length of the fic alone, it's such a weird thing to judge a book by its cover on. But it even takes ME a long time to reread my own chapters so I can sympathize with everyone who invested a load of hours into reading what I've got.

    Only Paul will be challenging the BF. By the second arc I will officially have my dream-team trio proper to write with (Paul/Conway/Barry), and while Paul's doing the BF, Conway will be switching over to Contests to compete in the Kanto GF (since he was on the fence about which path to take in the story and only chose the trainer's path out of necessity :p) and I'm giving BW the middle finger by having Dawn in Kanto like she was ORIGINALLY planning for anyway so she can be a proper rival for Conway. Meanwhile Barry will be doing the gyms; he's not vastly experienced like Ash and Paul are so he's gotta catch up. And Paul will have a new rival... I'll just go ahead and say it's Silver, since his anime incarnation is a literal blank slate and I'll find much much amusement in Paul having to deal with a guy that's even nastier, more serious, and more hardcore than him. XD

    I'll definitely make a note to start on that soon, then! Just gotta think of a name, gah. And train myself to write more succinctly.
    Oh yes. Even though I haven't updated in like a year and a half, I still consider the fic ongoing and I've been writing for the next chapter as recently as two days ago, but it's just small increments and I'm sure you at least remember how ungodly long the later chapters get the further you go on. :p Unfortunately I'm cursed to be lengthy with my narrative so I think all my future chapters will be stupidly long (chapter 19 is currently 22 pages in). It may be a stretch, but Best Wishes has really put me in a perpetually bad mood and I can't get myself to write the fic when I'm all pissy. Though Boomerang's been rerunning the DP series and rewatching those episodes have been a great help in reinvigorating my writing spirit, small and gradual as it's been since I then go back and wonder why Best Wishes is the way it is. -_-; I've mapped out the whole fic up to chapter 37 a long time ago which leads up to the end of DP. But that's just the first arc. Second arc will be the Kanto Battle Frontier where I can totally run wild with the story, and I have no idea how long that'll end up being. So this fic's in for a looooong haul; I really hope I get my writing mojo back so Trifecta gets back on track.

    I do have plans to make sort of a sister fic to Trifecta that would be a collection of (relatively) short stories that expand on the history of Brandon, Paul and the family, as well as some Chronicles-esque present stories for other characters and eventually distant future details. It would also develop Paul/Reggie's mom to be more than a plot device. :p I just have no idea what to name this sister fic or when it's appropriate to start writing it since I am a terrible multitasker.
    Thank you much!

    And looking back on our messages, thanks again for all the fic praise you've given me! I know we don't directly talk much because our views on certain things clash a lot, but I appreciate your support nonetheless~
    Happy birthday. (well a little late now, but it's still the 9th my time) I hope it was an enjoyable day for you.
    Yup! It was kinda funny how fast I got creamed. XDDd Maybe, I'll think about it. :p That seems like a good team. X3 I love the Pawniard line. I haz. XDD And I bet Froslass and Glaceon worked well with Snover~ Haha right...I've never raised a Croagunk before...so I can't say anything. XDDD
    Haha I can imagine! X3 I never really enter any, but I also helped Gotpika practice battle...I was easily creamed because I used random Pokemon I caught but yeah. XDD Congratulatins again~ Must have been a nice Christmas Gift. XDD Btw what Pokemon did you use? =o
    Congrats Chip! I`m so glad one of my friends won the tournament, that's almost as good as winning it myself :3 *huggles*
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