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  • Oh dear. Well just let me know if you manage to get it back any sooner, or oce you do. That pretty much sucks, a whole month is going to be a looooong time for you :/
    Let me know when I can collect my first order. It's been a few days since you said it was ready, so hopefully you aren't as busy. Thanks. :)
    if u can right now, could i get wat i ordered from the swap shop, breloomer said it ws ready
    OWNED~! Guess you'll just have to participate in the 4 events I'll have until then. Just remember that you won it and let me know otherwise I'll forget to give you one.
    Its okay, usually when that happens to me, I unhook a wire from my wireless router for 10-20 seconds.
    Please VM me when you get internet back or you successfully steal your neighbor's internet and good luck.
    Hey man, I'll be ready to trade for those items today. If I don't catch you today, tomorrow or the next day should be fine as well. I'll be popping in and out of this site for the next 4-5 hours, so just drop me a message whenever you get this. My friendcode is 5285 4060 1110, I'm sure I can find yours around the shop somewhere
    I made a second order TM68 for 3 salac berries, an adamant orb, and 2 liechi berries. Tomorrow is better for me also so that I can evolve my sneasel.
    I was told to schedule a time to pick up the order. I can pick it up tomorrow afternoon before 6pm GMT - 6 or after 8pm of the same time zone.
    If I could, could I pick up my items later tonight? If so, then thanks. If not, then sometime tomorrow afternoon.
    Yeah that's fine by me. In around 7 hours is the latest I can do though. I'm GMT and that would be around 12.30 in the morning.
    Let me know when's good to trade for my order. I have the tm 26 ready, so VM and let me know :)
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