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  • Oh, okay. I want to battle someone, and possibly even enter a tournament, once I get my Wi-Fi to work that is.
    Mine wouldn't work either, until I did some tinkering with the Advanced Set-Up and used the other password we used to set it up. I've battled a couple people on Bulbagarden.
    My team is so far is Pikachu, Dewott, Drilbur, Ranpu(My Litwick), Pansage, Axew, and Emolga. I think I may catch a Scraggy soon too. I rotate my team of Pokemon.

    I like my team so far. I may train a Solosis later around the 5th gym.
    I accept your apology. Don't worry, I've had my share of bad days too. I'm glad your feeling better :)

    So, do you play the games? I ask everyone this pretty much xD
    You know, sorry to insult you, but your acting like a total jerk at this point. If you can't debate like a normal older High School member and act mature and like a normal 18-19 year-old don't debate at all.

    Are you even listening to me? I never said Iris could only be AA I said I think she is because of her "HAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIR", "SKIIN TONE", "CLLLLLLLOTHES", "EYE COLOR", and "Nationality" not solely on her skin color. Your missing my point.

    But still all in all. That doesn't change the fact Iris's race is unconfirmed, as well as Aloe's.
    Stubborn attitude? Why can't you just accept those are the reasons I think Iris is AA? Just like you have your reasons for thinking Aloe is AA. You think she AA based off her skin. i think Iris is aa based off skin, hair, nationality, eye color, and appearance of clothes. But the fact remains the same you have no more proof that Aloe is AA then I have that Iris is.

    Are you serious? Wooooow didn't know Black people couldn't have brown skin. Most black people I know have a chocolately appearance.
    Quit with the insults. Act your age, because your acting like a little kid at this point and if you can't discuss without insulting we shouldn't discuss at all. I'm sorry for insulting you, but you are acting mean and throwing a fit a bit.
    No reason to get nasty. I'm giving you opinions and logic of why I think this. I've been nice through the whole thing without insulting you, if you can't talk like the 18-19 year-old I'm sure you are, then we shouldn't be discussing this at all.

    And yes I caught you in a technicality. What proof do have that Aloe's AA then I do that Iris is AA.
    Now, I think you're just making this up. Well, I've always thought that. You can't just assume stuff like that, especially in regards to skin color, which I have never in my life seen someone go from really light to extremely dark.
    I have African-American family you know. It's not rocket science. I learned that was possible when I was 5 or 6.

    1. Okay.
    2. By the way you worded it, you made it seem like Iris was a name only black people used. Your explanations are really blowing my mind right now, I can't at all see how Iris being a typical American name can explain why she's black.
    3. Alright.
    4. The other things you mentioned don't make sense either. Lol.
    2.I don't know how when I specifically stated "nationality"
    4.Mentioned alongside those things.

    There is nothing about Dahlia's appearance that leans more towards her being black than Hispanic, multi-racial, or any other race that has skin of that color. I don't care if you think Iris is black. I just think the way you worded your posts made it seem like she could ONLY be black.
    How many times do I have to say this. I never said Iris could only be one ethnicity. I said that's what I think she is based off her appearance like skin tone, hair, name, and Isshu. I thought we went over this before? By the way it's the hair which sways me Dahlia is as well as her fair skin tone as well as the American name.

    It's interesting you have no proof Aloe is African-American. You just think she is based off her looks. Yet you were getting mad at me for doing the same with Iris.
    So you're saying Lenora was brown then darkened to black? Wow, what a drastic change in color. :o
    Did I say that? No. But yes it could happen. It does happen quite a a lot actually. My friend is light brown and her parents are pretty dark. She spends time in the house they live in the sun :P

    1. And we see other races here also. You're coming off as close-minded by saying she just had to be African American.
    2. What does Iris being a typical American name have anything at all to do with her race? A white person can be named Iris. A Hispanic person can be named Iris. An Asian person can be named Iris. The name doesn't affect anything to do with her physical characteristics, nor does it push the fact that she is so obviously black.
    3. I still don't get this point but "sure."
    4. Yeah, I definitely agree. When I see a person with brown skin, I'm gonna assume they're black too.
    1.I never said she just had to be. That's my opinion of her. '
    2.I said "nationality" Iris is a typical american name. America is a nation *forcepalm
    3.It's my opinion, she has typical AA hair so that made me think that Ok. Jeez.
    4.Didn't I say other things mentioned?

    Yep, I sure do. You know, I think Lenora might actually be just a really dark Asian. I have a whole new change of heart, thanks to you.
    http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Arcade_Star_Dahlia So this girl isn't AA according to your logic right?

    Personally with all that logic, that's what I think Iris is. I could be wrong, but that's what I think. I'm not saying she's not another race but from what I've seen that's what I think.

    Course I could be wrong and it could bite me in the ass later XD
    Scott's posts from all time were all randomly removed from existence, Scott can still post yet only himself and the mods can see his posts, as result 535235 ghost pages appeared in the anime forum...
    I don't know why the Johto this happened... the mods excuse it as a "glitch" or something, but I doubt a glitch can randomly attack a certain member... and it takes them too long to fix it... so I think there's something they don't tell us
    You could even go to Yahoo Answers and ask "Where can I go online to teach myself Japanese?" and you'll get lots of answers. :p
    Lots of places online that help, you just have to fully immerse yourself into that work and do it religiously. You can't slack off and you have to make SURE YOU DO IT.

    Or you'll never learn. (=
    Mmmm. Yes. I will buy it I think. I'll have it beat before White comes out in Japan. Getting the Japanese version, screw waiting for the English!

    Spring of 2011...? What the hell man...
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