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  • Thanks for the words of encouragement. ^^

    I've seen a few episodes, but nothing really resonated or stood out to me. And like you I just don't particularly care for it.
    Saw a few episodes of that too, but didn't keep up with it either. Flapjack reminds me of Barry for some reason.

    I have not, are you a big fan of it? The closest thing to that for me would be that I know of Beck. xD
    Oh wow, I'm both happy for you and jealous of you, I'm still not sure what career path I want to take in life. I wish you success.

    I saw commercials for it while my sister was watching Disney Channel and thought it looked neat, ended up watching the premiere with her and loved it, so cute. <3 Surprised it's by the same guy who made Fishhooks, don't really find anything of interest in that one.
    Care to share, or is it more of a private matter? Either way, good to hear. ^^
    Did not do that. I have been keeping up with Gravity Falls though, love your current theme.
    Sounds dramatic enough. From what I remember of Roy he was kind of a jerk, so I don't feel as bad for him.
    It certainly was a noticeable plot in the episodes I have seen. Why did Pam and Roy end up splitting up?
    It makes sense to me.

    How long do you think the US version will go on? I think it lost a decent portion of viewers once Steve Carell left.
    You're welcome.
    Not really. Another Christmas has gone by, and I still have yet to see the entirety of It's A Wonderful Life. Guess I'll just have to try again next year. Planning on watching The Crow sometime before I go back to school.

    How about you?
    It's set to air in early 2013, yes? Right after the world will supposedly end. Either they purposely schedule it then because they figure the end is near and are trying to let us die happy, or they believe that the sheer willpower of AD fans will prevent the world from ending. I could buy that.

    That's what I was thinking. It's hard to explain, but the...angles and whatnot just look a bit out of place.
    I'm sorry for ruining all future viewings of this movie for you.
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