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  • ...Arrested Development has been pulled out of its own arrested development?


    I really, really hope this comes to pass. I can't bear to be heartbroken over it being just another one of those rumors.
    Yeah, I'm pumped as hell. Yet still slightly cautious. I've been hurt before by promises of new Development.
    How in the world did he get a teaching job?

    Not without a Google search, no, but I don't speak for my fellow countrymen.
    Sounds neat, wish we had a day like that here.
    Physics...eh. The work wasn't usually hard, but it didn't pique my interest much. Teachers were nice though.

    Just on Thursday or do you have a four day weekend?

    I never knew of this movie until you mentioned it. Looking at IMDb it's something I would consider watching, but I'd only go to the theater to see it if asked by someone else.
    Is it that the work is challenging or that it's fairly easy for you to grasp, but you're given a large amount of it?

    Please do when you have the time. I'm curious as to whether I'm exaggerating it or if others find it weird as well.

    Ah, that's probably the main reason then.
    Well, the room contents are people's fears. The fact that he heard the Cloister Bell probably means that his fear is losing the TARDIS.
    Doing good at the moment, yourself?

    I finally saw the Cowboy Bebop movie. Thought it was pretty good, nicely animated. Except for that scene with Electra and Vincent on the train/skyrail. That part was...off. I can't really explain how, but some of the angles used were weird to me.

    Also, did they choose the name 'Vincent' for the antagonist because it sounded so similar to Vicious?

    Didn't you hear it? It was the Cloister Bell of the TARDIS. Which only happens when it's about to explode.
    I have yet to see the movie. Your opinion seems to coincidence with the general one on it. As such, I don't want to spend a ton of money to see it. Looking to see if I can get it for less than $10 on eBay.
    Tex, Maine, York, and Wyoming are all about to have an epic battle at Freelancer HQ, Season 9. Set in the past, before all the Blood Gulch stuff.


    It was awesome.
    Yup. New episode every Monday. Though, because of time zones, it's every Tuesday for me.

    Awesome. You?

    New Doctor Who was today. Did you watch?
    I'm not sure either, though it appears to make some sense. A shame.

    Finished it awhile back. I'm changing my favorite episode to either "Ballad of Fallen Angels" or ""Pierrot le Fou", the latter because it did creep me out slightly. That hasn't happened while watching animation in a long time for me.

    Did you watch the movie?
    Wonder how they managed that. Thought all Marvel heroes fall under Disney ownership now.

    Companies are italicized?
    I try to go before 5pm. So prices are even cheaper before noon? Crazy stuff.
    Aw. Why does it make sense? (To be honest I'm not terribly familiar with either series, I just remember an episode of X-Men: Evolution that shows Wolverine going to see Captain America stuck in cryogenic sleep. Or something. It's been a few years.)
    D'aaaawwwww. x3
    Glad to hear it was worth the fortune it cost to go to the theater. Is he friends with Wolverine?
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