• ME's brain went on vacation last week, so he forgot to upload an episode of Snowy's LP. He didn't forget this week. Watch the new episodehere.
  • Do you use Discord? Do you like catching Pokémon? Have you heard of Elaria? If you answered yes to the first two, you should give it a go! Professor Tilia is always looking for new people to help fill her Living Dex!

    It just so happens she is hosting an event right now, where you could even get your own Pokémon form added into the game! Details can be found over in the Elaria discord server, right here
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    We hope to see you roleplaying away soon!
  • What happened to the Pokemon GO section?

    Hey all! We wanted to let everyone know that the Pokemon GO section has officially been merged into the Pokemon Video Games section. You can find more information in this thread.

  • Hey everyone! The Writer's Workshop is hosting an exciting event, Trainers of Fanfiction! It's a community event focused around your characters!
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  • Yeah, I do have a tablet. A Bamboo Touch and Fun (though I keep the 'touch' part off, it's annoying, lol). My parent's got it for me for Christmas the year before last. Before that I borrowed someone's little Wacom tablet for a while. It took a long time to get used to the first tablet, my drawings got 100% -worse- when I first borrowed it. And then when I got my own it regressed back to awful for a while after that lol. People seem to think getting a tablet makes you automatically better, though I'm pretty sure it does the opposite to start. lawl.

    But yeah. I do lots of paper drawings, but those don't generally make it to the computer. :3
    Mr. Snips, I must thank you for showing me that clip, because it just highlights the upright moral standard we have our society, in no short thanks to penis penis penis penis.

    I've only seen the Ubisoft one so far. I'm only watching it for AssCreed and the Sony one now for whatever they have to say about Final Fantasy.
    Nah, I'm just cycling through the girls now.


    Canadia is an old coot then. All the cool kids wear saggy pants these days.

    What does this make Mexico then?
    Such a shame. Fed up after the murderer was revealed?

    All popular titles I've heard of before, but never watched.
    'cause we're so awesome~

    Would she like Twin Peaks?

    It interests me, but I have commitment and access issues. :S

    Nice new avy. xD
    From what I've seen of the two (which is admittedly very little), Dexter and Breaking Bad are on about the same level of seriousness.

    Also are we like the only two people who italicize TV shows and movies? xD
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