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  • because I had a VM conversation with you but can't recall who you are. Username changes do that to me.
    I would yes. Again, it was a nice throwback to the Disney Renaissance.

    Same here. I don't think any Disney movie could usurp TLK's position as my favorite.
    Did you watch The Princess and The Frog? If so I was going ask if it was on a comparable level to Tangled, because of the description you gave. The villain song was awesome, as most Disney villain songs are, but the rest didn't stick out as much to me compared to some of the earlier movies. Everything else was great though, nice return to the days of the Disney Renaissance.

    Though I have to wonder how much of that opinion is biased, due to me watching say, The Lion King at least 20 times by now as opposed to watching TP&TF about 3.
    Not a frequent watcher, but I have seen some episodes here and there. My friend retold the tale to me and how it will never be the same without him. I concur.

    Believe Chocolate Bones did a blog on it.
    I've really dug what I've seen of it. It's the kind of quirk I usually like. I just haven't seen all that much of it. I think it may be on Netflix Instant Streaming, and if it is I'll add it to my queue to remember to dive further into it.
    If you haven't already got seasons 1 and 2, I'd say wait until you have enough extra cash to pick up this baby. One of the best DVD sets I ever purchased.

    But if you have 1 and 2 already, and you are down to 3 and 4, I'd say 4. Jurassic Bark being my favorite episode from the series.

    Hmm. This reminds me. I need to pick up season 5 on Blu-Ray.
    ...that is a rather dickish move.
    They're basically like the main games, except with a different goal in mind.
    Ah ok. I can understand that, I feel that way about some PS2 and PS3 games.

    That's why you reset/restart chapters until you manage to get everyone through the level. That's what I do.
    The Disgaea reference is lost on me. ^^:
    From what I've heard PS2 was the overall better deal, so not sure if you were really missing out.
    Colosseum and XD for sure, those are my favorite spin-offs of the Pokémon franchise. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance is good too, but I'm not sure of your feelings of the series. I never finished Super Mario Sunshine, but you might want to give it a try. And to top it all off the Starfox games mentioned earlier.

    G'night, have fun studying.

    Never played Command, heard it was sort of meh. Adventures was great, it was a lot like LoZ. Originally it was supposed to be a different game entirely, but because the main character was a fox that sort of looked like Fox, they shoehorned the Starfox aspect into it. Which really shows with those odd Arwing segments. And the final boss fight that really sucked. Still a good game though, liked it slightly more than Assault.
    Perhaps I should put it on my "To-Watch" list then.

    The episode are 90 minutes long, or was that just the first one? If it's the former, damn! :O
    Ah ok, still good though from what you previously stated.

    Just got it back this year. My brother sold most of the N64 games years back, but I found one on eBay and bought it. <3
    Did you play any of the other games in the series?
    How long is it?

    Now that surprises me. Usually it's the opposite, with the written version having more depth than the movie/TV show. On average how many chapters fit into an episode?

    Nothing wrong with that. The last videogame I played was Starfox 64, my favorite of the series. (Which is biased since it was my first of said series as well.)

    Mkay. Thanks for the friend request btw.
    I have that problem as well when I have to think of one on the spot. That's why I keep the ongoing one on TV Tropes, easy to link to and keep track of.
    So it isn't a complete waste of your time then. :p

    Here's a list, along with some other stuff.
    What about you?
    Ah, now that makes more sense as to why you wouldn't like it.

    So the first season was more like AD then, and the second more like Family Guy?
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