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  • The set-up doesn't sound too bad. Everything after Open requiring no prerequisite made no sense to me. ^^;

    What caused the drop in quality in your opinion?
    That sounds a lot more hectic than my current schedule.
    What's Open Religion? Out of the classes you listed I would say remove that one for Media studies, but if your religion is very important to you then I don't know what to tell you. All of those classes seem important.

    How long was it?
    Compared to other members here it doesn't sound like much.
    No idea. I'm getting my basics done at a two year school close to home because that's the cheaper route. After that I was thinking of transferring to a four year state school.
    Do you have any idea what career path you'd like to go on?

    Completely understand that, I did the exact same thing with TP and AD. I've heard of Flight of the Concords, but never watched it.
    Now that I didn't hear. Those jerks. :/ Liked the bit they did on SNL for it though.
    With the way the finale ended they definitely could have done more. I share in your sentiments, it is a shame it was canned so early.

    Ah, that's because I only have two classes currently. Both are in the late morning, and then I only work from 5-9pm every other weekday.
    Yeah, that murder mystery was really engaging. The creators regretted wrapping it up so soon, but Frost originally felt they had an obligation to the fans to reveal it.
    Bob was one of the main reasons I kept watching until the end as well. Others were that it was only a dozen more episodes to go until the end and there were a few characters I was interested in seeing where their stories went.

    Central. Yourself?
    I think the film as a whole is an enjoyable experience. In my opinion Tangled feels like a classic disney movie, just with 3D animation.
    Besides, the movie is a prequel anyways. :p
    Ah, that's where I got the whole series from too. Do you feel that the show went down in quality after they solved the mystery of Laura's murder? Other than the Civil War reenactment I thought it went downhill as a whole.
    I'll probably have to wait until Blu-Ray/DVD (I typically don't/can't use on demand services), unless it is still in theaters by the time I move to Chicago (which is doubtful), but definitely. I love good ridiculous grindhouse features.
    If you dug the original series, you'd dig the new episodes. They haven't missed a beat.
    my FC is 4341 1978 8463 you can put SC or something as the name id love the Sigiglyph. i'll meet you in the room in a second
    Allrighty. If you happen to have a Vullaby, then that would be great, as I need one to complete my Unova dex (though it doesn't matter if you don't have one).
    I'll be sure to check it out when I get the chance.

    And yes, Regular Show is quite awesome.
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