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    Would you name your kid after a Pokemon?

    I would doom a child to a life of ridicule with the name of Spoink.
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    Secrets in Pokemon's design.

    That could go on forever though, since most of the English names are word play. Squirtle = Squirt + Turtle
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    Do you want to battle the professors?

    There were apparent plans for Oak to be a trainer that could be battled in Red & Blue, but they were scrapped. His trainer data has all Pokemon that are around level 68.
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    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    Re: Can't get on wifi?! To see your router setting, you need to access it from its gateway ip. Open up command prompt and type "ipconif" to see your gateway ip. This should probably go in the tech help section of the site as well.
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    Do you like Facebook?

    I don't really have strong opinions one way or the other. I don't have one, since I only talk to a few people on a regular basis, so I just use Skype. I do see the website as the new way for people to believe that they have friends. People that try and have a large number of friends on Facebook...
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    What do you think to spoilers?

    It depends on the kind of story. If I'm following a mystery story, and someone tells me the conclusion or twist, then I will be livid. If it's something where the twist or outcome isn't the main selling point, than it just bothers me, but I won't be pissed.
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    Have you ever ditched your Starter?

    I picked Oshawott in White, and ended up getting rid of it as soon as I found a better water type. The starter Pokemon are usually average at best, so I usually get them to the final form and shun them to the PC.
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    The Bulbagarden Conversational Chat, Vol. 3

    The easiest way to kill a thread is try and make it go as off-topic as possible.
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    Dubs or Subs?

    The problem is, unless you speak fluent Japanese, you can't say the voice acting is better than the English version. There are many factors that come into play when judging a good voice actor. Timing, clarity, and pronunciation, all of which are all impossible to notice without knowing the...
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    Breaking Bad (spoilers ahoy)

    Season 5 prediction:
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    Favourite YouTuber...

    Ashens, Harry Partridge, and Egoraptor are the only people I am subscribed to on Youtube. I also don't mind some songs from NSP.
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    Steam Holiday Sale

    How did all of you Steam users do on this year's holiday sale? What did you get? What games do you enjoy, which ones do you regret? This is the first Steam sale I have ever participated in, since I just built a "new" computer (Scrap parts from friends and family) to replace the using of my...
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    Why is it called Anime and Manga?

    There a many Japanese cartoons that have a more Western art style, same goes for Eastern Animation. Avatar, Megas XLR, and Cybersix all have a very eastern influence in their art direction, just like how Astro Boy, One Piece, and Big O all have very strong Western influence in their art...
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    Why is it called Anime and Manga?

    This is a problem that has bothering me ever since I left my 'weaboo' faze from late elementary school and early high-school. Why exactly do you call it anime or manga? Why not just comics and cartoons, because that is exactly what they are. Why does Japan get their own special name? We don't...
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    Is the "Never Say Die" thing right?

    As mentioned earlier, death is an extremely heavy concept to cope with, and the creators don't want the children to treat the subject like a game or cartoon. The Canadain dub of Dragon Ball Z has a character die every few episodes and treats it casually, which could possibly give the child a...