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  • well that's good any plans or you just going to crash for the whole weekend?
    Oh that's terrible. Have they ever shown any protective tendencies? Heaven help the fool who tries to break in to my house. James throws a fit when anyone gets to close to us or the house. I don't want to know what he would do to an intruder.

    Edit: I'm sorry but it's 1 AM here and I have to get some sleep. It was nice hearing from you. I hope we can talk more often. Good night / day.
    That's good to hear. Is dog napping a huge problem where you live? I'm sorry you're sleep deprived. Well at least you don't need any beauty sleep.
    Aw, too bad I had hoped you would have another war story. Do they bother you when you're trying to sleep? So what ever happened with your sister and her guy friend? I bet having a pack that huge next door makes those cats curse the day your dogs moved in.
    I see so do you like your new house? That's good to hear. So no cage matches huh?
    I see I'm sorry to hear that but at least you have two new pups to cuddle. You never answered my questions. Did you move out or did your whole family move? Also how did you spend your birthday?
    Well you can wash them in rosemary water, just boil 2 cups of rosemary with 2 pints of water let it cool then get rid of the leaves pour it on. So what happened with louie?
    I missed you too, it's good to hear from you. I hope you can come back soon, I'm sorry to hear you have been so busy. I look forward to hearing from you more frequently. As always I am fine.
    You're welcome. Where did you end up spending your birthday? I missed you too. Oh that's too bad I was hoping you weren't around because you were out enjoying life and not working too much. I'm fine.
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