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  • Well all of the Final Fantasy games aren't connected story-wise. They happen in all of their own universes and everything. Final Fantasy XIII is about 6 people who fight back against the people who enslave them and force them to destroy the world. It's pretty neat.

    Now, I'm playing Final Fantasy IV. I haven't finished it yet, but it's about a kingdom who is controlled by a mysterious man and the protagonist from the same kingdom teams up with people he meets from other kingdoms along the way to right defeat the new leader of his kingdom and right the wrongs that he's done while still loyal to his home-kingdom.
    I am back. =)

    I'm not really a fan of those kinds of games where you can do whatever you want with the primary goal being to kill other people. Although I really enjoyed it and yes, I beat it.
    Hey! I gtg now but I'll be right back later!

    Awesome, I do have it. It's a fun game that I normally wouldn't like, but it's pretty awesome ^^
    O.O oh wow.
    Separate Contest series please

    Well, read the signup thread. That'll show why that's not much of a possibility ^^
    Why do you think Generation V will be short?

    Aww I'm sorry. But if you wanted to be in it, you have to be on here regularly anyway.
    It used to be, like, every 5 days. Although I haven't changed my name in many months. I've only ever had one name change, but I love my eternal theme so I'll probably never change it again.

    That's a glitch. IDK why that's there. I just turn off user customizations for conversations by pressing the button on the top right.
    That's so weird that you came because I was actually looking at your profile today ^^

    Today hasn't been too good for me, though. Personal issues =/
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