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  • Does anyone really read those things apart from stalkers?

    What's new with you?
    Just dropping by to say that I really like your new signature n___n
    Oops! I haen't logged in here for AGES. Yes, I am. I have a fic named Hikari....Shinji......Satoshi!!. If you don't believe it!!
    I dropped by to say I really love your signature banner! Splash FREE! with the pokeboys!
    Could be either. Though, realistically I'm leaning more towards the fact that Serena and Ash met a couple of times and she was inspired by him to become a trainer, moreso than childhood friends. I mean she doesn't refer to him as "Satoshi" in the trailer, rather she calls him "that boy from back then", as transalted by Adamant.the writers could really troll, and have the boy she met in the past not be Ash..rather just someone that looked like him IDK. As for Ash and Clemont...Ash will break Clemonts gadgets and Clemont would get pissed, and Bonnie would ship them bring them back together. :p

    don't tell me you already imagined in your head Ash and Tieruno dancing togther -_-

    tears of joy? b-but i thought you wanted Ash x Iris. :p
    who is Ash going have the obligatory argument episode with now? Clemont or Serena? i mean everyone is the same age now like wow. Tieruno would be an awesome rival.

    Bonnie will be the cook calling it now

    considering how dead shipping kinda was in BW...i'd lol if they went on shipping overdrive in XY
    Clemont X Ash may be fun, but I doubt it'll be as fun as Ash x Cilan, or Ash x Paul. Speaking of which, who is ash's rival gonna be this saga. will he even have one?

    They are all young...there is really no older person in the group lol. except ash, who seems to have aged a bit

    lol misty. i'd lol if Ash ended up being closer to Serena than misty
    Of course we are. It just seems like a nice setup. Serena likes Ash. Bonnie is apparently looking for a suitable wife for Clemont, and Ash obviously won't return Serena's feelings. So Serena/Clemont seems like a viable direction for the writers to take. Your idea is pretty good too tho. XP

    that or when Iris cameos it'll be Iris vs Serena over Ash, while he just sits back wondering wtf is going on
    Watch it's going to start off Serena------>Ash, and then before the end of the series switch to Clemont-----><------Serena.
    Is that a rule 63 version of Paul and Ash?

    *eyes shift and moves in to whisper* Where did you find it?
    that's good and sounds super fun 83 and oh my god i love levi so much haha he's my precious ;~;
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