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  • I had no clue people were selective and picky about using others screen shots on Tumblr, considering most people post them so other people can use them.(That's what I do mainly.) I'll remove it though.
    Heh, don't worry I have an affinity for those types of characters too. Also, everyone loves Rivaille. No exceptions.

    I made a conscious decision not to read the manga, but tumblr has kind of spoiled half the major plot points for me already so maybe I should just give in and read it. I think that might be because he's not a titan shifter (to my knowledge anyway, a major theme of this series seems to be "A TITAN DID IT"), but somehow I know he's going to have a big damn heroic sacrifice moment, I can practically smell it.
    It sure is. So your favourite character is the arrogant jerk who is overly blunt but secretly a good guy underneath it all... colour me unsurprised :p

    Still, you made the right choice this time! It's good to know there's at least one other person on team Jean.
    You devil-kid worshipper, you. ffff, I found myself in the "pokemon shipping" tag and first entry, I'm crying good tears. And there's a submission.

    XD The over-worked part is only on update dayssss and there's no real way to lighten that load (except someone taking over entirely; my dreams are of freedom).
    Benefit of the doubt says they didn't quite know what it was and it was just a long list of 'ships, otherwise "crack" wouldn't have come up in the first place. Some people in the fandom go plenty of time without knowing about it, after all. (Honestly, there should be a fandom orientation. Go here, avoid there, use this, don't do that, have fun, be careful, kiss your parental figure before going off in case you don't return.)

    XD Tasks are more like chores. The only thing I'd ask of anyone is keeping an eye out for what anyone might be calling the XY boy/girl, and that's more like the ten-man job and requires trawling dA (with no guarantees you will keep your soul). Fandom is being super-well behaved (bless), but someone's going to give and it'll spread. We got a region, a central city, three different appearances, and a goat; it's too good to pass up. Otherwise, just keeping an eye out for potential submissions is extremely helpful already. <3
    There are rules, but this doesn't cover any of them (can only be changed before the update following its presence on the list; after that, if the name is problematic in any fashion [nsfw, inappropriate, possibly insulting, etc], and then it helps if the original coiner is about, if the asker in question isn't). Past that, the safeguard is if the name is popular enough (and free enough) that I give in and put it on the untouchables (like Harmonia and Faraway). It's free enough, so I urged them to get the name a little wide spread so "the list" will get a hold of it and note it. (Didn't admit I actually run the thing.)

    Personally it's my fault. @@ I named the 'ship in question, since you know how it goes: you think no one else will really 'ship it, and you like it, so bam. And I really wanna bend the rules, since it really...isn't in use at all. And their name is ten times better. But if I bend or break my own rules, it's sorta...urk. Because then where do you stop? Where's the line? Because I would have to publicly note the change (so any other list can recognize the change), and admit I basically opened an uncloseable door. *shipping is srs biznes* So, best solution: untouchables, and we all go home pleased as punch.

    ...Funniest thing. On top of calling the list crack, they accused it of only adding names so it will be long and my first thought was, "Aw hell no, that's 12,000+ entries. It could stand to be much, much shorter." (I need to ask Archaic to write a history of the list up until 2006.)
    My usual: found someone trying to name a pairing something when it was something else (big fan of their name, but rules), butt in and said it was something else, had the list called "crack" and unofficial for my trouble (which is true, but not true), but this was someone I also fawned over from afar (an RP blog), so I wanted to make it right (and I loved the name), which led to advice on making said name popular to safeguard it and basically got back on their good side...but I still jumped in to start with. I only think of the fandom when I do it, but it's still assholish tell people things like that. o3o So I ran.
    Pearlshipping (unsurprisingly) still seems to be the most popular one out of the bunch as far as Ash main het ships are concerned.
    I did think Negai was fun in the very beginning, and I guess it's fun to joke ship Ash with Paul/Cilan...mainly because he get's along so well with guys. Cilan is very touchy and feely, so he tends to garb all over Ash alot...at least moreso than Brock ever did. I think part of the reason Cilan is shipped alot is because of his VA, and the fact that he's a pretty boy/borderline "fabulous". Could be wrong I dunno. I don't think Brock was ever really shipped mainly with Ash, and/or main girl as much as Cilan has been despite similar age gaps. :p

    As for Iris, unless something comes out of this weeks Detective episode for Wishful, given both of their fears are present in said episode. Or something comes out the episode where Ash/Iris "break-off their friendship", given it doesn't seem related to a Tag battle (and one could blindly speculate why she's blushing waving goodbye to him on the poster) for Negai.. Da might be pretty barren of shipping lol.

    Well, it's good ya didn't fail. What classes did you take?
    Just so you know, that guy that looks like Antonio cannot be James since TRio won't be present in that episode. :p
    Psh, I'm not tsundere for them. I know you like them all alot, so I provide you with what I've observed. I guess that can be kinda fun though :p What episodes are you most looking forward to DA anyway?

    Also how did your exams go?
    Tbh, I immediately thought of you when I heard Paul was in the ED holding hands with Gary, lol. So, props to you - the biggest Paul fan I know. :p

    Ah, I want a legit female rival too.
    Ah, okay. :p

    Yeah, seems like I might have overrated that Paul magic. xD

    It's either Antonio or the writers were far too lazy to create a new character from scratch. -.-

    Thanks, it's good to be back. Hopefully XY is more awesome. :D
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