• Snowy sets out into the Wild Area and encounters a giant Pokemon lurking in a den. Watch here as Snowy goes head to head with the massive Pokemon.
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  • Ah, well yeah, that makes sense, haha. :D

    It's Antonio in disguise. :p Btw, why no Paul avatar? xD

    Oh yes, you can read about it in my blog. ^^
    Seems like Paul's presence in the latest ED has reinvigorated your passion for Best Wishes. :p
    Heh, if you say so *shrugs*.

    I guess their "abandonment issues" might explain Cilan's tear, and Iris' slight blush on the poster saying goodbye in your head amirite?

    Though, based on Rica's delivery it initially seemed like Ash was disappointed or confused when they wanted to go with him. He already had it in his mind that it was time to split, and was still happily eating his sandwich. :p
    Eh, she didn't really look that sad or anything(at least IMO)...it was just a "what do I do now?" kind of silent look (god it feels awkward to be providing you with all this "ship information". That's your job!!! You're the one who likes this after all :p)

    He'll be there next gen lol. I'm starting to think they have a cycle with Ash. Silly idiot-->Mentor-->Serious with some comical moments-->Silly idiot. Rinse a repeat. :p

    I think Ash was at his best in terms of personality in AG, I really enjoyed him then. DP was obviously at his best in terms of battling because of Paul obviously. Oh yea, Barry not being in the ending made me a sad panda.
    I've enjoyed the group lately, mainly because Iris hasn't really been as obtrusive(IMO) as she was in the semi-early/ large mid portion of the series. I finally get the sense she enjoys Ash and Cilan's companionship more often than her occasional early relapses. Little things (intentional or not) like in the recent episode with her stopping eating when hearing Ash say he was going back to Kanto before loudly declaring to a bemused Ash she was going to Kanto too was amusing.

    If they do a call back to her isolation school days, when her and Ash fallout good on the writers. I'm actually kinda looking forward to that episode soley Ash will actually argue back for once, he can be pretty mean when he wants to. It's been a long time coming, and I don't know why the writers held off till the tail end of the series to do an episode about it.

    Yeah, I was curious to what a long-time fan thinks of him. Alot of people have become jaded by him. He's not my favorite either, but I like him enough to get disappointed when the writers kinda treat him like crap, or he takes a few step backwards.
    I believe that the next generation may involve recycling characters, meaning having old characters take on a main role for an arc to further development. There's so much that writer's can add to Shinji's development. I'm praying here, PRAYING!!!
    Here. http://files.ratiasu.de/temp/images/Decolora%20Archipel%20Poster.jpg

    Heh...now, what made you guess that? Now, if you must know...the other ones I did send you were the:

    1.Who are your top pairings for each other main girls?
    2.The one about Ash "How has Ash stayed your favorite character, blah blah?"
    3. You think how Ash acts is dependent on the main girl?/"Maybe I'm thinking to basic".
    4. The Paul and Cilan thing about Ash going for Paul instead of Cilan.

    Trying to pose as different people on your blog to get a different perspective..though I suppose you might be able to tell. I guess I've been talking to you to long. XD
    Didn't want to clutter up your inbox . :p

    Psh...you didn't know it was me, I'm not THAT obvious am I until I actually said who i was with the second one?
    Maybe you should be written out of the show...

    Haha the wrinkles and grey hairs are starting to appear. Soon you'll be 21! :O

    Someone will need to leave for me to take their spot, which does actually have a chance of happening, but its more likely I'd be put on a temp contract and that's just a bit of a piss take. (Noooo, Gama and I acted as it for experience and then we got it full-time).

    I was a bit disappointed that it was a "blink and you miss it" moment. Admittedly when watching it the first time I couldn't tell that Dent emailing and the other triplets working were two different locations so I thought it meant that they were working on the boat and would be in DA xD
    That is the single best thing Best Wishes has done for me. Not only was he in the ending, HE WAS IN-CHARACTER. :D I am slightly miffed that Barry didn't make the cut while Iris' bland pseudo-lesbian CotD friend did, but otherwise that was TOTALLY AWESOME. Since Paul was between Gary and Luke it makes me wonder if someone's gonna coin a term for a Paul/Luke shipping based on that ED alone. :p

    (let's wait until xy before we start wishing for Paul to cameo; I still don't trust Best Wishes to do him justice in an actual episode >:|)
    It sounds like nothing has changed with your first few lines.

    Also how are you gaining weight if you're not eating out all the time? xD

    Alright. Though may soon have to look for a new job as my contract ends mid-June. Also became Co-Head Admin so fear my powers more.

    How do you feel knowing Misty was seen for 3 seconds in the ending and Paul for 1?
    I need to copy your post from the BW da ending/opening thread. It was epic.... epic I tell you!!! My eyes, they're watering too! WHYAYAYAYAYAYYYYYYY!!!!!????
    Only deranged crazyheads like us could have our day totally made simply by seeing new footage of Paul in an ending sequence where he's totally in-character and awesome~ ♥
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