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Recent content by CommanderPigg

  1. CommanderPigg

    Review Detective Pikachu

    I'm digging myself up from the grave to write this review. I saw Detective Pikachu in Japanese cinemas on the opening day, 5/3. It's probably the best Pokemon film I've watched in a decade. They have a "pixar villain" in this movie ('unexpected' but kinda to the point of cliche at this point)...
  2. CommanderPigg

    Review XY009: Subdue Miare Gym! Citron's Secret!!

    Okay I've only seen screenshots, but the amount of Clemont service this episode has provided is INVAULABLE, god bless the pokemon anime. I'm quite amused at this screen in particular because it looks like Serena is ready to throw down to reclaim her man Clemont, Bonnie and Limone make such a...
  3. CommanderPigg

    Review XY007: Leave it to Serena!? The Charging Sihorn Race!

    if you didn't believe that ash collected the souls of every cilan girl he travels with well here's your god damn proof.
  4. CommanderPigg

    If any of Ash's old friends return, who would you want? What role should they play?

    Re: If any of Ash's old friends return, who would you want? What role should they pla i want paul to come back just to kiss ash. that's it, then he can go away forever i don't give a crap.
  5. CommanderPigg

    Review XY005: The Hakudan Gym Battle! The Magnificent Viviyon's Dance Battle!!

    Re: REVIEW: XY005: "The Hakudan Gym Battle! The Magnificent Bibiyon's Dance Battle!!" No, steel is still 1/2 effective on water. They didn't change anything offensively about steel (except for x2 on fairy). Steel doesn't resist Dark or Ghost anymore, that's about it I think :P And I really...
  6. CommanderPigg

    New XY trailer + Official Site Updates

    oh...welp...the theory was fun while it lasted. i mean, i'm still super psyched to hear about what past they had together, or maybe she knows about what happened to ash and gary on that day. it'd be cool if ash, serena and gary were all playmates together and serena had to fight gary for...
  7. CommanderPigg

    New XY trailer + Official Site Updates

    Okay I'm just gonna put this theory out there. Because Serena looks a lot like Leaf (their hats!!!!), it may be possible that she's one of the trainers that got either the charmander/bulbasaur at Oak's lab the day Ash left for his journey. NOW I KNOW THEY SUPPOSEDLY QUIT but there's no rule...
  8. CommanderPigg

    Pokemon XY Corocoro poster!

    if they know non-white people exist then why ccan't they you know show them every once in a while so everyone knows that we're not mythical unicorns. it would be gggrrreeeat if skin color didn't matter like hair color doesn't really matter but guess what. It still does. And having a...
  9. CommanderPigg

    Pokemon XY Corocoro poster!

    representation is important representation is important REPRESENTATION IS SO FREAKING IMPORTANT OH MY FUCKING ARCEUS I'm holding Pokemon to a slightly higher standard than I normally would with anime because they've actually represented a variety of people on the main cast and I've really...
  10. CommanderPigg

    Older Ash???

    I don't really care what people say, or even at this point what the canon says....if they don't explicitly reveal his age in XY, he's aged. End of story. Good night.
  11. CommanderPigg

    Pokemon XY Corocoro poster!

    Ugh, this!! Pokemon had the chance...they had the chance to canonly represent a dark skinned main protagonist in a main series...but they didn't. I'm actually pretty upset, I've always enjoyed the fact that pokemon had a fairly diverse appearing cast...... I dunno, I'm not to psyched over...
  12. CommanderPigg

    CommanderPigg's Media Armada

    woah, it's been almost a year since i posted here. i haven't done many covers since then, but there's one that i kinda liked. it's a cover of shingeki no kyojin's ending song. hope you like!
  13. CommanderPigg

    Review BW131: Satoshi and Iris's Severed Relationship!? The Path of Separation!!

    Who knew that the Ash x main girl ship with the smallest shipping fandom would get one of the shippiest episodes? What a time to be alive, I can die happy now ;w; This was a great episode. I really like how quickly Ash assumed responsibility for his actions and how eager he was to make it up...
  14. CommanderPigg

    Review BW130: Satoshi and Butterfree! Until the Day We Meet Again!!

    I LOVE THIS EPISODE LOVE. Omg....Satoshi is just....perfect, what a baby, he was amazing in this episode. I liked how he didn't force caterpie to do anything that was too much for him and worked WITH his style instead of against it. He even took a nap with it to show him that it wasn't...