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  • Yo, homie. When you wanna get our battle done? (Thread isn't up yet, but we can still plan it).
    Also, i'm now visiting my gran in hospital on friday, and with it being nearly 10 hours round trip by car, that pretty much removes friday as an option for me. So tomorrow or saturday is basically it.
    My sleeping pattern has reverted to something 'normal', so I don't tend to be on as late as I was. Pretty much anything from 10am to 10pm GMT is good for me, any day of the week. But if you really need it, I can make a special exception and get a bunch of energy drinks and stay up all night for you baby <3
    Don't make me ask @Felly for an extension! >:/

    I already tried giving her a doctors note excusing me from participating in physical/mental activities from my therapist about my anxiety problem with this match and she said no to that!
    xali pls
    also y'all have till this monday at 11:59pm EST to complete it
    Hi bb! Here's the list:

    TM Rage 2k
    TM Bide 2.5k
    TM Headbutt 3k
    TM Iron Tail 3k
    TM Swagger 3k
    TM Dig 3k
    I'll be here Friday and Sunday too for most of it, and Monday evening if need be. (In fact I'll probably be here most evenings tbh). So we'll probs will be on during the same time one of those days and then decide which of us gets a free Pogeyman!
    Will be free tomorrow if needed (9am-2pm), and on 30th and 31st as well. GMT+8 here.
    Heyo, I'm battling Proto for basics tourney and I haven't been able to get in touch. Do you know when she'll be free?
    Alright Comm, semis are up. I'm free at all sorts of different times so just grab me if you see me online.
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