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Recent content by Coolcat100

  1. C

    Pokedex Entries that creeped you out

    I have some! Crygonal in B/W 2: "They are composed of ice crystals. They capture prey with chains of ice, freezing the prey at -148° F." Is it just me, or is that sort of an oddly specific temperature for killing their prey? I know it doesn't say killing, but I think that death is sort of...
  2. C

    Your favorite Grass type

    I love grass types <3 I guess that Torterra would be my favourite grass type considering that it's also my favourite Pokémon :) But I also really like Whimsicott (because it's cute), Abomasnow, Tropius, and Meganium!
  3. C

    News Kyurem VS the Sword of Justice

    I'm such a huge Vic Mignogna fan and when I saw the trailer and heard his voice I think I started screaming xD It was such a suprise, but a very good suprise! I hope that this movie doesn't involve Ash nearly dying (because that's been really overdone) and has an actual storyline that will make...
  4. C

    VG Weekly Poll #42 Who is your Favourite Rival?

    Silver is my favourite rival. I feel like he just makes sense as a rival-type character: he drives you crazy and he's a total jerk, but he actually develops as the game progresses. He doesn't become a good guy, but he's not the same as he was when the game started, which is believable...
  5. C

    What's the most hilarious episode?

    Episode 9: School of Hard Knocks If you have never seen this one, you are missing out. I have never laughed so hard during a Pokémon episode :) :) :) It's truly the funniest one that I've seen; the jokes were really hilarious :)
  6. C

    The Shiny Encounters Thread

    My shiny Drifloon is the only shiny that I have encountered as of yet. I've been trying to masuda method a shiny Ponyta and I've been trying to soft reset for a shiny Chimchar starter on Diamond, but I haven't really been putting much effort in. I think that I'll try again because I really want...
  7. C

    Contest Shaymin vs. Zorua

    Well, they were both insanely annoying in the movies, but I'd say Shaymin just because I like its overall design better. I do however, like zoura's shiny form :)
  8. C

    If you had to live in which region what would it be?

    I'd pick Unova just because Nacrene City is my absolute favourite city/town/village/settlement/general area in the whole Pokémon world! But if I couldn't live in Unova, I'd live in Jhoto because I love Cherrygrove city :)
  9. C

    Shiny Pokémon by Soft Resetting

    I'm also a super impatient person so being able to SR for anything was a huge accomplishment for me!! Trust me, it is so worth it to see the sparkles :)
  10. C

    Contest Lava Cookie vs Old Gateau vs Casteliacone

    Which has the better design?~ Lava Cookie!! It's design is much more unique than that of the Castelia Cone or the Old Gateau. Which do you prefer?~ The Castelia Cone because it's ice cream; I love ice cream :) Which do you think is tastier? ~ Castelia Cone. I pretty much explained why...
  11. C

    Contest Forecast Wars: The Best Form of Castform!

    Which form do you like best? ~ Hail form. I think that it just looks more unique than all of the others. Which one has the type you like best? ~ Hail form again. I love ice types :) Which one is associated with your favorite weather? ~ Hail form once again because it's the closest thing to...
  12. C

    Contest Victini vs. Mew

    Who is more adorable?- Victini is really, really cute!! :) :) Who is stronger?- Mew has the movepool of all movepools. Mew wins. Who do you like better?- I've used both (10th anniversary Mew in HG and Liberty Pass Victini in White) and I would have to say Mew. Mew has gotten me out of...
  13. C

    Contest Battle of the Pokéstaches

    I voted Entei because his mustache looks a lot like one of my old teacher's mustache. My friend and I laugh about this a lot! :)
  14. C

    == N x Touko == (Ferriswheelshipping)

    That video is adorable!!! I love ferriswheelshipping!!! Ever since I went to Nimbasa City in white and we rode the ferriswheel, I've added this ship to the long list of my favourite shippings :)
  15. C

    Contest Altaria vs. Swellow vs. Pelipper

    Who has a better design? - Altaria!! Who is more useful? - I'd once again have to go with Altaria. Who would you have on your team? - Come on!!! Altaria can learn Draco meteor! Who is the cutest? - Altaria. no contest Who is the coolest? - Altaria is a flying dragon-cloud-!! That makes it...