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  • Hey, I was wondering if you would possibly add me for FS, my info is~ 2852-8477-5690 IGN- Time NNID- Who Cares FS- Normal, Dunsparce, Minccino, Ditto
    I hear ya...Ive lost access to my gfs computer, so I cant use my tablet anymore...looks like my oekaki-ing is gonna be on hold for a few months.

    Wow...6 years is quite a gap. Well, it is at this age anyways. It becomes less important as you get older.
    Mind you, the biggest gap Ive had is 2 years, and my current gf is actually a month older than me. :p
    Best of luck!
    Well Im glad you've been keeping busy. I sure missed your work on the Oekaki!
    And well done getting a bf! Where did ya find the lucky sod?
    Aw well thats good, then. Hopefully you'll get back on your feet at home, then can head back there. :)

    Ah, I see. Ive heard of those...I just dont know what they're like. Reckon itll be a fun job?
    Hmm well is it the kind of application that runs out, and that you'll have to renew if you go back to it? Or could you just got back to the city and pick up where you left off?

    Aw awesome! What kinda theme park is it? Like a Disney World or something? I dont really know American theme parks...there's only one of note in WA, where I live.
    Ah right...so you take care of the dogs while the owners are away? You must come across as a very trustworthy person. :)

    Haha I reckon it would be awesome working at a theme park.
    Oh good! Someone else with my values! :D
    Well ya get along alright with me, so theres always an exception.

    Well I hIt White pretty hard today. Im upto Elesa's Gym now.
    Too true...sadly. I really wish money wasnt so important in this world...
    Hehe No-one said we have to act our age. :p

    Aw well you'll have plenty of time to battle her later. No-one says you have to be like me, and commit as many waking hours as possible to White.
    Aw well that sucks!
    Heh...lubricate... :p

    Oh hellz yeah, its alot harder, Im sure. I managed to beat her, though...probably coz my Purrloin evolved.
    Heh aint that just typical? But will the increase in work be enough to keep you in the city?

    Yay! Dewott buddies!! Im having a little trouble getting past Lenora atm...
    Its ok, I understand, what with the troubles you mentioned on the 'kaki and whatnot...I was just a bit worried, coz you werent responding to my VMs, or anything.

    Hehe Im loving the new game! Got my Futachimaru running around slicing everything to pieces!!
    Hey G! Um, just wondering, do you have a DeviantArt? Coz I set one up recently...and I was hoping there was a way to follow your art. And you, of course. :)
    A limo is no sign of popularity. Having an army of giant cyan poisonous frog people is!

    I suppose it is funny. :p Just like my lil bro. His name is Andy. Again, my grandparents said name him Andrew, but call him Andy, so they again cut out the middle man and named him Andy.
    And, no Im the first gen in Australia. Both my parents are from England.

    Ah its ok. I forgot too. Even though you posted it on the Oekaki, and I almost always remember your Oekaki work.
    And Pokeballs fall at you in the GTS? Ive never used it before to trade...

    Heheh gnight then! Pleasant dreams. Ill talk to you soon G!
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