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  • End of '86 sounds about right. Yeah, I feel sorry for him. He never deserved that.
    You have a pretty awesome cat, I must say.

    Well, I guess I can't be the best authority, as I wasn't around at the time, but I don't think they were exactly supportive. And the members of the band treated him like crap for a long time.
    Well, I suppose that means he's comfortable with it.

    I'm certain most fans won't be very supportive of the new guy. It's what always happens.
    Makes sense. Let him meet his idols!

    I'm not sure they will. But if they do, I have no idea.
    Hand him over to a metal band, I'm sure they'll put that right. :p

    They've officially said it was alcohol-related cirrhosis. Honestly that just completely breaks my heart.
    So perhaps they turned a cat into a lion.

    You heard about Jeff Hanneman, right...?
    Yes, the video for Bloodline. I don't think they hurt the kitten, but it ended up drinking blood somehow, so... :p
    I do the exact same thing. One doesn't freak me out as much if the music video's not involved.
    Yes, exactly. :D Ooh, good move; Reload's got some excellent songs.
    Happy (late) Easter to you too. c:
    I don't think he did anything on the actual albums, but he definitely did live. However, it's really great getting to hear a lot more of it.
    They have explored quite the range. Which is excellent. :D Yes, so am I. I've heard the songs, and they sound really great, so I can't wait to hear what the full album's like.
    I suppose so. I mean, I guess it's possible that they honestly thought it was a good idea and are happy with the final product... actually, no it isn't. :p
    We'll have to.

    So did I, honestly. I mean, Metallica's made some bad decisions... but never anything that bad.
    Yes, I think that's really great, seeing that they care about their fans that way. :) I'm not sure who'll they'll bring in... but yeah, it feels so weird.
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