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  • Yes, it's great. :D I do hope this band stays together, they sound amazing.

    I did hear about that. Personally, I'm hoping they see sense and bring him back, but who honestly knows.
    I'm sure they will, yeah. And Newsted will have some new songs by then too... I hope you're able to see them. c:
    Let's hope. c': Yeah, I've heard. xD But the concert will be really incredible, so. :D And there'll be the new songs, too!
    No, it doesn't, annoyingly. >_< But I do quite like the name.

    Pretty sure they are... bad indeed! :p
    I hope it is too, it just seems more imaginative and interesting than a Normal type. But hey, I guess we won't know for a while.

    I will as well. :D Yeah, they've always been pretty quick that way, and the albums have been consistently good, too. (I think Metallica's been saying 2015 at the earliest!)
    Yes, I've seen it. My bets are on Flying or Normal.

    Did you hear about the new Megadeth album?
    Driftveil, I believe. I was able to get Burgh because of a Pansear I picked up. ^^;
    I need to keep playing Black 2. :eek: I've barely touched it in the last month. Awesome! :D
    Waiting absolutely sucks. >_< And that's a fair point though, at least we still have the last of Gen 5. :D
    I'm absolutely going to do that when the game's released. :D I'll just put the song in and not acknowledge it at all, and then see what the comments say. xD
    Oh, I'm certain it'll just be something normal. I doubt Game Freak will want to acknowledge that type of thing. But that isn't going to stop me from singing a certain Iron Maiden song whenever somebody sends one out. :p
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