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  • I have been trying with no luck.. My RNG reporter stuff got reset a while ago, which was when I started having difficulty RNGing so I think when I found my parameters the new time around something was different which is causing a high failure rate. Irritated to say the least but I am trying and will continue to do so.
    Really? thanks xD I really appreciate that since I've been worrying a bit about not being able to get readers cause of hiatus -w-
    Well I just posted it xD so you came in just in time xD

    And you're welcome.
    Really now?

    Well that was a good choice that you picked xD

    Well I'm still recovering from a hiatus that hit me so far there are 29 chapters but things kind of caused me to slow the updates down, right now I'm about to post chapter 30. I would like it if you had a chance to read though xD but that's your choice.
    Hi, I have had a lot of personal issues lately so have not touched my DS. However, I am dropping all previous requests, and am going to work on yours probably starting either tonight and if not tonight, then tomorrow.
    I haven't heard anything from the person who wanted the Aron and I VMed them last. If I can't get it to work soon, I will just not bother as I don't know if they are interested at this point. I'll do the few easy ones then yours as the other 2 prior to yours didn't care about IVs, just nature.
    Worked a 50 hr week and it's lifting heavy boxes the entire time. I have not made progress. I tried the Aron request but I can't even get it shiny or come close. It's a real pain in the ass I'm sorry.
    I am already in the wifi room for the Nincada and Cottonee :p My friend code is on my introductory post.

    The concept of RNGing eggs in Gen V is simple, it's all about hitting the seed which lately has taken me hours to do for whatever reason.
    I got the tagging to work, thank you :)
    I will probably not start the Buneary until Thursday or Friday, I will send you another VM once I do! I am having RNG difficulties lately and it's driving me wonky. But also, I wanted to ask you, how did you quote me on my thread? I never knew you could tag someone as you did in your 1st post on my thread.
    Hi - I am going into the wifi room now, a am interested in the eviolite and sun stone for cottonee and nincada for now.
    If you can see this...and if you remember of a giveaway that I once did...I'll have to call it off. I can't trade any more of my shiny Pokemon. I might just return with Shiny Pokemon that I can trade...but that will be unlikely. Sorry...
    Not a 100% sure I haven't checked yet and I will be busy for the rest of the week I will vm you if I get a free moment
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