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  • Well I had a cool video I wanted to link you but this ass new forum says links aren't allowed in VMs so guess you'll have to forever live in mystery :I
    Good to hear :) Yeah, I've noticed that myself, I suppose its useful for a section head to be on more :p Not that I ever get asked anything hah
    I'd be worried if your heart really was bigger than your stomach :p I don't think you're missing out, it's just a gimmick day,.

    I'll buy CDs so long as they're made and I have room to store them :D I don't mind digital games, but as they get more advanced they take up loads of disc space and age to download. I prefer physical media for games too.

    Aw thanks :) yeah completely by surprise, Zeb had VM'd something along the lines of 'congrats on the bolds' and I was confused for a second, until I actually looked at my name and notifications. Really nice surprise!
    Instant memory loss xD

    I did a loser thing and ended up going to dinner with my parents since my friends cancelled.
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