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  • Yesterday, actually, so you hardly missed anything. ERM I MEAN, WHY ARE YOU SO LATE GAAAH! But thanks. ^^
    It hadn't really gotten in the way. Only sometimes would I like bend, and instantly get this sharp pain.
    Wow. That sounds amazing to be honest. I mean, we never do that. I think I will need to visit America one day.
    Tuesdays are good as are fridays :d infact most days and im so sorry i missed you i feel like a douche i was having food and i came back to the laptop missed u by 5 mins
    I know! But seriously, we go to school, light a few fireworks at night, go to school next day. :-/

    Yeah, what's it like?
    I think you should pick the time since i feel your probably most limited by it im a big boy and can be on whenever pretty much.

    however when you sent your last message is a goodish time for me
    IM HERE !!!! sorry i keep missing you sorry that sucks maybe we should arrange a time for random chatty chat
    Oh, I wondered haha. :)

    Mmm... Cherry and apple... You guys are so lucky having thanksgiving! You get all the food! What do we get? Fireworks because some guy tried to blow up the parliament buildings.

    Anyway, good luck with that :)
    Okay, sounds good :) Children annoy me sometimes too. Only falling once though? That's good :) I wish I could do that :(
    Haha ^_^ *Hums Mission Impossible theme*

    No, and I'm not entirely sure when I'll be able to get them.

    How's things been?
    I know, we hated each other sometimes, but he was okay :( Same with TTK :(

    Write it down. If you use an iPod/phone, put your passwords in a note or memo. If you use a laptop/computer, create a word document and store your passwords there.

    Anyway, TGIF!!
    Why'd you break your computer in a fit of rage?

    Oh yeah, its fine now. Would just randomly hurt a bit, and then more so when I would stretch any, or bend.
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