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  • Thanks for commenting on my post: Pokerus Pokemon. I already have managed to abtain Pokerus. Thanks for the offer, but no thanks. However if you want to trade scatterbug for one of your native scatterbugs that would be awesome. :) VM me you answer and I will also be posting this on THIS thread.
    This is actual reading:
    Other - Battling Tip of the Day | Smogon Forums
    Other - Lower Tier Threats | Smogon Forums

    And these are for future reference when actually building the teams:
    Other - Good Cores (V2) | Smogon Forums
    Other - OU Teambuilding | Smogon Forums

    Also, on a side note, building a team generally takes 10-15 minutes, but then comes the process of testing and tweaking it through actual battles on the ladder, which can take days or even weeks (depending on the schedule), as it's nigh impossible to come up with counters and checks to everything just off the top of the head.
    That is unfortunate (and barely explicable). However, as I do have a Google account, the communication shouldn't be a problem, unlike the timezones

    I'll give you the links in a couple of hours :)
    If teambuilding it is, then we need to make and test and test and test a lot of teams
    We make a lot of teams on Showdown (because breeding and EV training a Pokemon takes 40-50 minutes assuming that the breeder has a 6IV Ditto and there are no egg moves required, which almost never happens) and test them there
    All while being in contact (so Skype or Facebook would have been very useful in that regard)
    So I suggest that whenever we both manage to be online at the same time, we do exactly that

    BTW, are you reading Smogon forums? There's a lot of good reading there, but structurally it's a disorganized clusterfuck of data, so I could point you to the things that should be read rather than trying to explain them in my own words "from the scratch" or, even worse, make you search for it
    I see
    In that case, I think we should hold a bunch of test battles first, imo, considering that teambuilding is not a thing in and on itself - when you're winning 8 battles out of 10, the team is good and at most can be slightly tweaked
    However, I can't do these battles right now. Thing is, I should not be awake atm, because it's 5:20am in my timezone (MSK/UTC+4). My brain operates at 20% of its capacity at best :D
    As you are online, I assume that you live in one of the American timezones and, therefore, that our timezones clash in the worst way possible - we have a 10-12 hour difference

    I should be online once again in about 7 hours, and later after that until around 2-3am (my time)
    What to do depends solely on how much you know about competitive right now
    I.e. do you need explanation of basic "technical" stuff (IVs, EVs, what are the metas, what are the playstyles), or do you know all that and simply can't seem to start winning because you lack something-you-know-not-what
    Plus there's stuff which can only come with practice (Showdown is invaluable in that regard), such as mindgames and prediction (which are often the same thing :D)
    Hi there
    I'm your mentor, as you probably know
    I've been waiting for you to message me first, but, apparently, this decision was a wrong one :D
    Jeff here from the Mill~
    Still wondering if you still want that Feebas~
    If not, then its all good~ But let me know~ ._.
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