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  • U are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Funny with Your Comments on Caption The Screen Shots, U Like to Mention Your Name in Your Jokes as well and I Like it.
    Half of BW has been TERRIBLE and the Unova League was A COMPLETE DISASTER, TRAINWRECK, Ash Lost to a Person who has the IQ of a Rock and is the WORST Rival EVER. There was One part of BW that was Good and that was the N Arc and that Featured N and Team Plasma
    Oh, I think that might have been the one I watched.

    I know this is the first time we really talked for quite some time, but I have to go shortly. :/
    I don't think so. ._.

    Yeah, that's fine, maybe I'll try watching it again ^^; I think I got to about episode 6 before I dropped it the first time, but maybe I can make it through the whole thing this time :D
    Negima, huh? I tried watching that, but for some reason my interest just kinda faded after the first few episodes. It's kind of disappointing, really. But I did enjoy Gurren Lagann.
    Wow, my visitor messages from last fall are still on the front page of your profile. o_o

    Anyway, what's new?
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