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  • Its all cool my friend, i know how its like to be busy.

    ORAS are giving me trace of hope in this show modifying its struicture and predictable patterns,. Becoming more satisfying, engaging and interesting to follow. And maybe May as "princess of Hoenn"(i heard this nickname for her quite often)will break negative streak of past companions ending ignored and abandoned.

    After her hopefully "tomboyish mermaid"(Misty), "girl womanizer"(Brock)and rest will follow suit.

    Lol sorry for this unusual expressing, just wanted to add abit comedy in talk.:p
    Because why not return older characters for whole saga(season or two at least) if they have so much unexplored potential unresolved things and great personalities in which we could enjoy in?
    Bring badass pokemon, battle strong trainers or coordinators going through bigger, more challenging development in tying up loose ends. Giving us chance to enjoy in their silly taunts, vibrant characterization and interesing dreams they pursue kicking butts in action again.:-D

    Ah thank you, sometime i ask myself how i remain hopeful after so many let downs, ruined opportunities and disappointments.

    But as saying goes "However long the night, the dawn will break".

    Im of belief how current strategy and writers policy is leading to pokemon machinery anime wise facing inevitable faith of crumbling apart. Sooner they grasp how key to success, loyal fandom increased reputazion and quzlity of anime lie in paying attention to roots, previous popular characters which played huge impact on Ash, story and pokemon success making millions of viewers worldwide attracted and mesmerized by pokemon in first place. Emphasite on unbreakable bond which should tie them and keep together, pay attention to past travel companions lives, interests, personalities which evolve over time and goals.
    Bring more emotion, care and effort when writing for your characters, story and pokemon.

    Is better and more beneficial long term looking. Ensuring stable ratings, long lasting impact on your viewers and give them something to look forward to.

    I guess abit of hope for me stems from fact of there being new director for pokemon series, many past patterns are breaked, there seem to be more attention given to past and older fans and there is still time for writers putting more effort in characters, plot and setting.
    True, true. I feel producers and people in charge of pokemon conglomerate became too greedy, callous and egocentric not realizing how ruined contuinuity, abandonment of so many great characters their loyal viewers grew to like and relate themselves to leaving them unfinished, shallow story and erased rewritten history is cancerous disease. Which turns pokemon anime in empty husk of what it once use to be and represent, make it lose its identity and recognition with more and more people with each passing generation losing fun, eagerness and desire to stick with this anime. Losing respect for writers work.

    Anime shouldn't be completely subjected to games.
    There should exist balance between two medias allowing for more individuality. Adding for more unpredictable, eventful and game changing story.

    And step toward recovery is in building bridges which once again connect new generations wilth older ones. Give insight in Ash past and history built and developed with various characters, living up to message of pokemon being supposed to be treated as entity which builds oin itself paying attention to previous characters and events making pokeworld feel more closer and connected.
    At very least writers should take in account concept of character rotation(reuse of some older characters in future).

    Why not for instance return May developing new style as coordinator,do steps forward toward her goal and develop new pokemon and potential rivals.
    It would be also interesting to see Misty being developed more.Like expanding on her goal of water master,do more with pokemon,reveal more about past and open potentially new subplots to enrich here story and do continuation..
    Trying to become some powerful water trainer apprentice(like Lorelei or Wallace)with purpose of becoming E4(her idol is Lorelei, she wantes to become water master so it makes sense)is one of many other available option to take her in new direction and do significant growth too.
    Etc, etc.
    Writers started to pay more attention to older fans with Origins, Charizard return, Kanto trio or throwbacks to past and first generation in many ways recently(reuse of 4kids slogans and music, Kanto starters,Masuda stating how XY will be all about strong friendship bonds and connection to older gens game wise) . But most important thing is left out. Older, extremely popular characters who could help embalm stale show with more excitement and energy knowing how to spice things up, strengthen show plot with their own interests and expertize, serve as bridge which connects pokemon anime with older sagas and history increasing continuity. And makes it seem like its on going story which builds on itself, how previous events and strong friendship which left influence on anime storyline and Ash are acknowledged bringing more substance to him. Along with increasing ratings, income of money and people respect for writers work being more eager in following it.

    Hoping they will realize potential and benefit behind their return changing their approach. Its still not late, never is as long there are fans which love and support characters wanting them back and anime is still airing. I still haven't lost all hope.

    p.s. Sorry for three messages, but i had to get this of my chest if you get what i mean?
    You know mate i think its a real shame that Misty wont most likely appear in Kalos because it has so many great chances for her to play interesting role. Like meeting E4 Siebold who could teach her secrets in mastering water pokemon. Siebold is titled water pokemon master in games, first one from games that is so its nor hard to figure out why Misty would be thrilled to meet him. She could enter water tournament organized by him or Battle chateau to showcase her new skills, get noticed for her abilities making steps forward in becoming strongest water trainer in world(i mentioned battle chateau because it would be good opportunity to develop and find ways how to neutralize type disadvantage water pokemon have against some types).
    There is also Gyarados being amazing to see her learn how to mega evolve it learning to understand its nature and feelings on much closer level than ever before(which is expected from future master).

    Potential and chance to help advertize games exists through her return.

    There is also May for example.
    She can show mega Venusaur and Blaziken, promote idea of contests among Kalos people, promote RS remakes? So many possibilities.
    It would be real travesty if May was excluded from RS remakes promotion . That would not only be disrespectful toward Hoenn pheroine, playable character not staying faithful to original game, but it would also be inconsiderate toward many people which enjoyed in May character wanting her back.
    Frankly it greatly saddens me how this anime took direction for worse.
    Slowly losing any credibility and sense of on going stoiry which builds on itself, keep ties with past and stays faithful to message about anime treated as continuity story which explores on adventure, relationship between good friends and their dreams instead of discarding everything and everyone which helped build show popularity and had their own dreams to pursue discarded like trash repeating same mistake.

    It wasnt supposed to be like this. Before writers payed much more attention to continuity, moral values and strong unbreakable bonds between Ash and his friends never losing relevance and allowing that life paths meet each other again.

    Where has this value disappeared?

    I know many of devoted fans which confined themselves to me. THey were so saddened to the point of crying in witnessing in what slump once great anime which cared more about quality than advertizing has turned into losing any respect they had for writing staff(i die abit inside every timne i notice how much bittered they became for anime they adored so much in past). Recently one of them admitted she cried when hearing how Misty japanese voice actor feels about character future prospect in show telling fans to not forget her input on character and appeal it brought to series or in seeing how everything this show represented, stood about and defined is being erased, rewritten and discarded losing its own recognizabillity and charm.

    Ironic thing is that Misty voice actor Mayumi IIzuka also want that Misty eturns in pokemon series being ready to voice her again. She even asks people thropugh twitter to not forget about Misty from pokemon being upset about way Misty is ignored and buried in past.
    I dont know how Va's of other replaced characters feel, but Mayumii confession could very well represent how in general even those which collaborate with pokemon company when required feel about writers current policy.
    Finally somene understand that Ash change in character is result of growth with writers wanting to bring closer to us importance of journey, how various new people you meet in life, struggles, good and bad times along with new cultures you experience leaving effect on you, Starting to change way you perceive things and your outlook on others around yourself, transfering through Ash character development through which we as humans pass through. As we grow up and try to work on bettering ourselves.

    Thank you gal. ;-)

    About Misty well that potential didn't run away anywhere. She still has room to be done much more with character in case writers ever wish to do sequel.
    If Misty cant comeback as main character than at very least i wish she returns for 8 to 10 episodes. I don't think its unreasonable to ask this?

    I mean i wouldn't be satisfied with only 1 to 2 episodes after almost 10 freaking years from last time we saw her. It would provide time to not only have Misty get to know Ash new friends and have her exchange experiences with Ash enjoying in her brash, curious and flirty character. But we could also see Misty develop abit, be involved in some tournament and action advancing goals and showing how much she improved. Utilizing some of new pokemon she may have obtained in meantime.

    I mean 8 episodes more or less would be cool, to not only give justice to forgotten character and please older fans but provide enough time to properly reintroduce Misty to young, new generation of kids which may not know her to get better understanding and information of her connection to Ash, pokemon history and importance she played in past.

    Because imo returning such important and integral to pokemon at some point character after almost decade for just one episode would only raise up a lot of confusion among children not accomplishing much for them and be unsatisfactory well to most people which want Misty back.

    I feel that way, but i respect your opinion if its different.
    She had lot of very cool pokemon, and unique dreams of becoming water master, being admiring that she used one type for change trying to overcome weakness and negative sides water pokemon have against some other types, develop adequate strategy and learn their ins and outs becoming one day powerful, recognized water expert worldwide living up to her idol E4 Lorelei. Interesting thing is how even in games Misty worships Lorelei planning to leave gym to travel, improve her battle abilities and battle stronger trainers which dont come to gym. Which she started doing in BW2 games leaving gym to compete in World Cup and stating she will continue to travel. Implying desire to become moe than gym leader based on idolizing Lorelei. In anime Misty also shoots for higher position, though currently she is stuck at gym due to lazy sisters complaining herself of their incompetence and not having anyone to rely on in case she wants to travel and advance her dreams.

    Call me fool, but i would actually like to see Misty return for season or two to tie up loose ends and see her advance forward in water master career(in way of following Wallace footsteps or trying to become E4 member of water pokemon, maybe we could see her learning how to understand better pokemon feelings understanding their true nature like manga did with Suicune whoi choosed her as partener, find oit about Misty parents, why she fears bugs, understanding how to be more authoritatiuve and understanding toward Psyduck training it to become usable battler etc;so much potential to do more with her character ). Im not kidding, looking back Misty left cast as open book with many things writers leaving unfinished about her character, water okemon master dream being forced to return back to gym against her will and had many flaws and unanswered things about her future.:)
    Your favorite is Ash? Cool, same here, Ash is my favorite male character. I like his spirited, full of competitive desire personality. Naive, at times rash side. And big determination and persistence which drives his character forward. Some people may have grown tired of hin, but personally i could never picture pokemon without Ash and he still has a lot to learn, accomplish and get explored about him. Being stupid to deprive us and character from that untapped potential.

    To me Ash still has lot of character, true emotion and depth. It just happens he displays that substance and passion in different way due to new writing style as well character being more mature. Whenever i look back on Ash moments for example now in XY with posessed Pikachu in Malamar episode, his unselfishness and care for small kid from kindergarten helping him to get over his fear of pokemon, risking life to help mega Garchomp out of control or selfless love for his friends having pretty interesting interactions with Clemont imo.

    Well thats how i feel anyway.

    My favorite main girl is Misty in case my first answer wasn't enough suggesting to derive that out from. :p
    I like her playful, adventurous and feisty personality. Lot of funny quirks and emotion she was capable of producing bringing lot of drama, courage and comedy in cast. Her sad backstory growing wuthout parents in shadow of three egocentric sisters which damaged her selfesteem and preservance as character. Developing tough, rude exterior to cover her insecurity and fears(it was revealed to be cause as time went on).

    Liking how she developed by end of OS and in Hoenn becoming mire prideful and selfaware of her flaws, while still being rebelliopus, sarcastic, timid and abit insecure(when bigs, creepy places or love is in question such as call on date freaking her out lol), mixed with passionate, quirky nature of hers.
    No problem, i rarely see you around, but when you post its pleasure reading your thoughts. You seem like reasonable and mature person to talk with and i always welcome and respect that.

    So do you have favorite character in pokemon. For me it woukld be Ash, May, Brock and as top favorite. Wel ill leave it for ypou to guess. I often talk about this character and how much i liked its rather realitic, full of fun quirks and enjoyable traits personality. About unfinished story, dreams and potential to be done more with this particular character in series. Wishing to see it make come back in this anime. As part of main cast again or at very least in recurring role getting follow up.

    Im awfully transparent i know. :p
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