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  • Hi, just wanted to thank you for accepting to be friends. Hopefully there will be opportunities to chat in future and get to know each other and ours opinions better.
    It's my favorite Water type and my favorite Pokemon overall! I'm guessing your favorite Pokemon is Cresselia.
    Cresselia, long time no speak :) Is something going on with Serebii. For some reason, I can't get on there.
    Oh, sorry about that, still, I think it's stupid, I mean, Lucario is one of my absolute favorite Pokemon, and the Eeveelutions are overrated as hell. They only did that just to market the Eevee merchandise. I was very furious when I saw it

    Also, Flareon, next to Umbreon, is my least favorite Eeveelution (mainly because of how terrible it is in battle). I mean, Lucario deserves better, it had it's own movie, so they should treat it with respect, cause I hate seeing my favorite Pokemon lose, whether it's Floatzel, Mienshao, or Lucario.
    Hard to ignore those "BW LOVERS" when the mods side with them.

    I got infracted because I stated my opinion and it was solely because it was negative I got infracted for that, their B.S. excuse "Intent to annoy people" I'm pretty sure posting my opinion of a certain situation, with no expectation that anyone cares to respond to it does not imply "intent to annoy people" because who knows PEOPLE CAN FREAKING AGREE WITH ME.

    Then I got infracted for a more justifiable reason, although still for a B.S. excuse of "harassing someone" um, no let's ignore how it makes no sense to harass a harasser, how about "feeding a troll" that would've made more sense.

    I will post from time to time, I guess, but I want to stay as far as way as I can possibly be for posting at Serebii.
    Coll, nice to see you around here. Welcome to bulbagarden. This place seem to have more mature members to talk to, though some can be pretty arrogant and conceited acting like their opinions are "only right answer". But than again each site has that sort of people, and majority fans in here are nice and helpful. Hope you will have fun in here!
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